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  1. fanzi

    It is good or not?

  2. fanzi

    It is good or not?

  3. Hey LAK74, and thanks for the kind advices. Problem #1: I live in France. And here we don't have any NHL culture... So I won't be able to do all the stuff you talk about here around because no one would be able to do it accurately, nor myself. So I would have to find all the different pieces in North America, send them to a professional customiser there and then had it shipped to France. Not so easy too... I went "all-in" by asking precisely for what I am looking for (and there are a couple others) to see what happened... I have been researching and reading a lot about the "jersey market" to understand what it is about, and the only thing I know is I am serious about it!
  4. Here is my want list, size LARGE or MEDIUM please: 88-89 Penguins Lemieux, white, #66, C 91-92 Blackhawks Roenick, red, #27, 75th anniversary or SCF patch 03-04, Lightning Lecavalier, black, #4, A 06-07 Senators Alfredsson, white, #11, C 07-08 Redwings Zetterberg, white, #40, A, SCF patch
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