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  1. Thousand apologies for the "adverts", I had completely forgotten what the internet looks like without adblockers. Needless to say, it looked perfectly SFW at the moment I had the pic uploaded.
  2. Thank you for your replies, I can finally say that this is getting somewhere. I'll link some more photos of the jersey and the plaque below, maybe someone will have more info after glossing over those. http://www.imgfy.net/image/5e4 http://www.imgfy.net/image/5e5 http://www.imgfy.net/image/5eG All and any replies appreciated.
  3. I'll upload more, right now I'm swamped with work so it'll be some while until I can get back but I'll be sure to get those photos uploaded ASAP.
  4. Hi! I'm not completely sure if this is is the right section/board for this but here goes: My father obtained a jersey a long while ago, one of thirty ever made. It's an 88-89 Edmonton Oilers Mark Messier replica jersey that came with a plaque and a serial as the sign of authenticity. He's decided that it's time for the jersey to find a new home, so we're trying to gather information on where would be the best place to get in touch with people who'd be interested in buying it and possibly to get some advice on the price tag. I'll post some photos, I hope someone will recognize these and is willing to help. Thank you in advance.
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