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  1. Well this took a salty turn rather quickly... To those saying I'm selling or would sell down the road, wrong assumption. If I did sell, certainly would not call it NEW with tags. I'm not a dishonest . If you wear a jersey around but keep it in good condition and do eventually want to sell, I imagine some people would see the value if having the original tags attached even if pre-worn. But I appreciate the welcome and serious reply, Bob. I know it was a bit of an odd question.
  2. Skubie-Doo


    I seriously need to add one of these to my collection if for no other reason than it being the Happy Gilmore jersey.
  3. Perhaps none of you do this, but I was wondering if any of you wear your jerseys around but still keep the tags on the sleeve. If so, what's the best way to hide them inside your sleeve so they're not dangling and getting in the way? Try to pin them to the inside of the sleeve? Bit of a random question, but appreciate any insight. Thanks.
  4. That's incredible you got to shoot their concert. And I had no idea about the upcoming tour. Thanks for the heads-up.
  5. Skubie-Doo

    eBay hits

    I've gotten a few good steals before, even one up for multiple days and I was the only one to bid. Definitely a great feeling!
  6. Whew! Quite a collection there from the sound of it. At the very least, I would personally go with one Kovalchuk, one Heatley in Thrashers and honestly Heatley as well for the Sens! Definitely want to pick up a Heatley jersey at some point myself.
  7. Every now and then, I show glimpses of wittiness.
  8. It's a shame so many players are dropping out of the tournament (due to injury, recovery. totally understand). I'm sure people have ordered Zetterberg Sweden jerseys, especially since he was named captain. And now he's not even playing.
  9. Understandable. Finally got my first Edge 2.0 not long ago and holy smokes, I don't ever want another Premier. It just feels, looks and fits like a dream.
  10. Yeah, you're spot-on about that unfortunately.
  11. It's only a small step and minor operation per se, but I'm glad I found this thread. Got a seam ripper for $2 on Amazon Prime and now I'm removing all the front tags from my Reebok premiers. They look so much better now.
  12. So I run this pretty intense salary cap dynasty fantasy hockey league and most of the teams have a location-based team name (Michigan cities). So a few of us took the liberty of producing logos for our teams and I took it a step further and eventually slapped it on a shirt (as did another)! Also did some simulated promotional graphics if it were a real team, too, just for fun. The Bad Axe Beavers: A promo with Erik Karlsson:
  13. Not my intention at all. I honestly didn't even look at the dates. It was roughly 10 posts down, so I figured it was quite new. Apparently this just wasn't as lively a section as I originally thought.
  14. They can be the Cher of the NHL.
  15. Really hoping Ottawa goes with these for their 25th anniversary jerseys. Would pick one up in a heartbeat.
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