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  1. Anyone know a place online I can find a Reebok premier alternate wild jersey? Been trying to locate one and haven’t had any luck. Thanks!
  2. Hey all, looking to get an authentic adidas jersey. I haven’t purchased an adidas jersey yet. Own two canadien made Reebok authentics. Where can you buy legit authentic adidas? Is fanatics selling indo’s? Also is a size 56 comparable to a Reebok 56? Specifically hoping to hunt down the sharks new alternate. Thanks!
  3. Hey all I’m looking to put the 25th anniversary patch on my sharks edge 2.0 I just got it signed by Hertl at last nights game so I’m wary of sending it back to actionspot sports to have them sew on the patch. Do you prefer to have the official customizers sew on special patches like this or would you recommend taking it somewhere locally? Thanks in advance!
  4. Oh ok. Well that makes sense http://imgur.com/Z7VzXBE http://imgur.com/Q4Mssnc
  5. The guy sent me a picture of this teal one he has. Still waiting on the pictures of the black one which is the one I'm interested in but I noticed the NHL shield is going down instead of up how it should be
  6. Awesome thanks!! I might post some pictures later to get opinions on it's authenticity. It's from s guy on instagram who sells a lot of vintage sharks gear.
  7. Unrelated but figured instead of starting a new topic. How does koho and reebok authentication compare in sizing. Saw a guy with a 52 koho for sale I wear 56 reebok authentic edge
  8. Thanks for the info everyone. I emailed jersey Baron and he ended up having one he was able to sell me. 11 bucks shipped, its in a plastic package with NHL hologram Seal and looks legit to me
  9. You guys know if a reliable source for an authentic patch? I looked on JB but didn't see the 25th anniversary one
  10. Hey all, Are commemorative patches done by the team customizers or by the teams equipment staff? I'm specifically interested in adding the Sharks 25 year patch to my Hertl Jersey I just got done by action spot. Looks as though the NHL centenniel patches are sticking around the rest of the season from what I've seen and I opted to not get front numbers on my jersey to match this years kits, but now that's only really relevant for a 3 month window now that the centennial patch has been added to the sleeve. I'd prefer the Sharks 25th over adding a centenniel to make it as authentic as can be, but enough rambling. Just wondering if I should be sending it back to action spot for the most accurate patch application.
  11. Hey all, wondering how everyone chooses to store their jerseys? Do you keep them in garment bags? Plastic bags on hangers? Do you put moisture pouches with ur jerseys? I just have mine hanging in the closet but I have 3 cats whom I worry may scratch at them since they hang quite low. Wondering how everyone chooses to keep their jerseys stored and in top condition? Thanks!
  12. Hey just wanted to post an update of my Sharks jersey. Finally sent my black alternate to Action Spot for customization and the work came back awesome! Really happy with how it came out, turn around time was about 2 weeks and great customer service. If only Hertl would come back off IR here are pics https://m.imgur.com/a/7515L
  13. Yes, we did a deal for 270$ shipped. It arrived to me in Cali about 2 days after placing the order. JB was truly a pleasure to do business with
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