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  1. Anyone know a place online I can find a Reebok premier alternate wild jersey? Been trying to locate one and haven’t had any luck. Thanks!
  2. Hey all, looking to get an authentic adidas jersey. I haven’t purchased an adidas jersey yet. Own two canadien made Reebok authentics. Where can you buy legit authentic adidas? Is fanatics selling indo’s? Also is a size 56 comparable to a Reebok 56? Specifically hoping to hunt down the sharks new alternate. Thanks!
  3. Hey all I’m looking to put the 25th anniversary patch on my sharks edge 2.0 I just got it signed by Hertl at last nights game so I’m wary of sending it back to actionspot sports to have them sew on the patch. Do you prefer to have the official customizers sew on special patches like this or would you recommend taking it somewhere locally? Thanks in advance!
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