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  1. The NHL doesn't need a space-occupying team in QC that won't be able to attract or keep any good players.
  2. I see goalie cuts for sale all the time on jersey baron. It puts into perspective how big their gear is these days. Me and two clones of me could probably fit in one of those.
  3. It's a tough choice. I think today I'll break out my Preds home Weber or Bolts home Callahan. Last Saturday I wore my Coyotes home Doan. I miss my days in college when I could wear a jersey every day.
  4. I just bought a custom Sharks white Indo-edge from sharksoutlet the other day and only thought to email and ask them if it was Canadian or not after the fact. They replied that it is Indonesian because the Canadian made 2.0s are only sold to Canadian retailers. It was too late and I wasn't upset because it was on sale for the same price as a custom premier. I'm excited to see how it is. The only authentic I have is a Canadian 1.0 Panthers, which I don't wear that often because it's almost too heavy and it's a couple sizes too big. Are Indo-edges a step up from premiers, aside from having real/stitched patches and crests? I already love premiers, so I don't think I'll be disappointed.
  5. I always like the blue and white jerseys more than the black and yellow. I know that's enough to get me tarred and feathered, but it's more pleasing to the eye. The 77-79 set are my favorites of theirs. I wish the fans were more receptive to bringing those back as alternates, but everywhere I see it brought up, fans turn up their noses.
  6. I meant the width of the sleeves, not the length. I wear a size S premier and a 550 size M. I always liked how the premier sleeves are a lot narrower, similar to like they were back before the 80s.
  7. Does anyone know at what point in the 80s that jerseys first took on the CCM vintage kind of cut, rather than the more form fitting cut of the 60s and 70s? I've seen pics of the Kings wearing their 80-88 set where some look like slightly loose shirts and others are full-on circus tents. I never liked that big, baggy aesthetic and I never cared for wearing CCM 550s. It's really the sleeves that bug me the most. If I raise my arm straight out, I have ~6 inches of sleeve hanging down. As cheapo as reebok premiers can come across, I've grown to love the cut of them. They remind me of what jerseys used to look like in the 70s.
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