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  1. Both jerseys are brand new with tags. Bought almost 2 years ago and they've literally just been in my closet the whole time.. Can ship anywhere in Canada & USA, can also meet in the greater Toronto area. Colorado Avalanche https://imgur.com/a/4ngHcVZ Pittsburgh Penguins - *** SOLD *** https://imgur.com/a/l23LU1I Jerseys are $120 USD/ $150 CAD
  2. Same. When I first saw it I said to myself "that's nothing, that should come out no problem", yet it's still there! It's not the end of the world if it doesn't come out, I'd just rather it not be there.
  3. Hey everyone. Bought this online, sad to say it arrived with some creasing in the front logo. I took the best pictures I could... : https://imgur.com/a/8ewK9 I've tried ironing, both the out and inside of the logo. I've also soaked this in water overnight and ironed it wet the next morning, nothing. Anything anyone can recommend??
  4. cheddarberg

    Edge Collars

    Weird question.. I just realized I don't own any jerseys with a white (inside) collar... I'm contemplating buying a Tampa Bay Lightning home (Edge 2.0) jersey and am hesitant because I feel like a white collar is going to act like a magnet for dirt, in particular sweat. Can anyone vouch for this?
  5. Out of curiosity... When getting a goalie's jersey, do most of you pursue the "G" Goalie Style jersey, or do you just go for your traditional size?
  6. Looking to have it customized by a certain time. Not sure I'll be able to afford the turn around time.
  7. Anyone have any recommendations for getting an Edge 2.0 Sharks jersey done anywhere other than the team's customizer?
  8. Jersey is brand new, came wrapped in the typical plastic bagging with UPC sticker that matches the jersey, however the jersey never had tags on it from the beginning. https://imgur.com/a/EvXgK Size 56 Sochi patch included (separately) Asking $180 USD / $230 CAD respectfully. Can meet up in the greater Toronto area.
  9. I shall grab the vaseline, and contact the Baron..
  10. If that jersey is real, consider me Miles Davis.
  11. I've been looking for an Edge 2.0 Sharks jersey (teal) for what feels like forever, however I've only encountered the Made in Canada's from JerseyBraon who isn't willing to budge on pricing.. I'm definitely not about to drop $360 CAD on some blank jersey. Which leaves me with only two other options... IndoEdge, or IndoZero.. I've never owned an Indoanything and was wondering what your truthful opinions on either were.. Are the IndoEdge jerseys anymore superior to the new Adidas jerseys? Do you all have a preference (IndoEdge vs IndoZero), or should I just bend over and take it from the JerseyBaron?
  12. Hey everyone! This literally just arrived and I've got some concerns... It's my first ever Nike (Swift) Authentic. As soon a I opened my package, I was blown away at how thin and paper-like (almost like a thin raincoat) this jersey feels. In addition to the actual feel of this thing, I noticed it missing the "IIHF" patch typically located under the "Made In Canada" label on the back of the collar. Secondly, there is no "Nike: Engineered to the exact specifications of professional athletes" label/barcode. Here's the jersey: https://imgur.com/a/EvXgK
  13. Anyone have a picture of a 54 1.0 vs a 54 2.0? I wear a 54 in the 2.0's just fine (200lbs/5'11) and came across a crazy deal on a 1.0 size 54, wondering if it's worth my time.. I've never owned a 1.0.
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