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  1. At retail, as I check the Lids Canada website right now, a blank Adizero is $200 CAD and one with a player is $250 CAD. They're more expensive than Reebok Premier jerseys, which retailed for $140 CAD and when I worked in the industry, how much a player jersey was depended on your team's customization cost. IE: single-layer Canucks and Red Wings were much cheaper than triple-layer Penguins. Even the Fanatics Breakaway jersey on the NHL's Canadian shop is $150 blank and player jerseys are $190. The average fan, who is not knowledgeable about things like this, who shops on eBay will opt for the $40 jersey instead of the $90 Adizero that can be found. There is nothing about Adidas and Fanatics retail jerseys that will put a dent into the fake jersey market. The only thing that can do that is Canadian and US border services making it a priority.
  2. Van67

    Member collection galleries

    Here's my collection. Nothing openly for sale. Just bragging.
  3. I'm totally that anal. IE: If I want a Horvat skate jersey, it's gotta be an Edge 2.0, not a CCM ultrafil. However, considering what the industry has become, I'll spare my rage for people who buy fake jerseys.
  4. Van67

    The Want List

    Tried signing up a couple days ago, but whoever is in charge of approving forum signups hasn't done that for me yet.
  5. Van67

    The Want List

    Looking to find a UND White - Size 56. Style as shown below. The Sioux Shop has them, but at an insane regular price along with a $40 US shipping service that is guaranteed to get a heavy customs charge as well. If anyone can help, would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Van67

    The Patch Thread 2.0

    Need an NCHC patch, as shown below. The Sioux Shop has them, but their cheapest shipping option to Canada is over $40 US and I'm not paying that for a $7 US patch. If anyone can help, please let me know.
  7. Van67

    third jerseys are back

    According to my Twitter feed, the Canucks COO confirmed today that there will be a 3rd jersey in 2019-20, in addition to the black skate jersey, which is for the 50th anniversary.
  8. Van67

    third jerseys are back

    If true, that's quite disappointing. The team's PR needs help. They did well doing a fan vote for this, but having to wait a year is stupid. I've also heard rumours that 22 and 33 won't be going to the rafters until the 50th Anniversary season. That should happen at the 18-19 home opener. All we need for the 50th anniversary is a patch, and one fans can actually buy without having to purchase an overpriced replica with it.
  9. Van67

    third jerseys are back

    As a Canucks fan, I would love it if they would bring it back as the permanent alternate jersey. Being the 50th Anniversary throwback in 19/20, it means that it's not the alternate jersey the Canucks will have starting this upcoming season.
  10. Van67

    It arrived today v. 8.0

    Anyone have a line on Warsteiner sleeve patches? Or a good source for game photos from 1997 IIHF events?
  11. Van67

    The Patch Thread 2.0

    My experience with trying to find AHL sponsor patches, is that you gotta find a contact within the team who is willing to help someone out. Last time I contacted a team store to try my luck, I was told the equipment manger is the only one with access to them.
  12. Offering this one for sale is basically a sacrifice to bankroll other wants, so it's kinda painful but we all know this pain lol. You will see in the pics that there is some damage to the main logo. The jersey was first customized (badly) and they melted the vinyl in their press. I stripped the bad customization and had EPS do it properly, however they did not want to attempt fixing the logo. I am selling as-is. Price-wise, if someone is willing to pay $200 US (including shipping in North America), I will happily take your money and have the jersey in the mail tomorrow. I am open to offers. I figured I would give this community dibs before trying Facebook groups or fee-bay. PM if interested.
  13. Van67

    Adidas NHL On Ice Jersey

    Could it be they're using the summer league to see how players like these? Or maybe it's what the AHL will be using (CCM branded of course)? Or maybe NHL players spoke and kept it under wraps better than they did when Reebok 1.0s came into the league, and airknit is coming back to the NHL?
  14. Van67

    The Patch Thread 2.0

    Looking for another pair of Warsteiner IIHF sleeve patches from the mid-late 90s. Got my eBay sniper rifle out tonight and am now in need. XD