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  1. I'm not sure I can have that Nike swoosh on the front of the jersey... nor am I sure it's something I'll eventually deal with and accept.
  2. Has anyone been in the Canucks store recently. Curious how they've applied 50th anniversary patches to the Indozeros in their store. Might have to just bite the bullet, buy one and remove the patch to get one. Would like to know if it's worth the effort given how the team is putting an obscene amount of adhesive on their numbers for game jerseys.
  3. As a Canucks fan, thank f*** they didn't go with that one! Not NHL, but I have this one ...
  4. There are three games with the winners of the first two playing in the final. One team might need to change. As for the jerseys themselves, the design is disgusting, and what the f*** happened to the NHL logo on the All Star jerseys!?
  5. ebay... but they're just not good, and not the white version either. The letters are noticeably different. I don't even want to link it.
  6. Van67

    Newer Jerseys

    In the terms you probably understand, Adidas does not sell authentic jerseys at retail. The "authentic" jerseys in stores are basically a replica jersey with a cheap fight strap sewn in. They are not the on-ice product. Some of us have obtained the on-ice jerseys via game worn, game/camp issued jerseys and they are very nice (at least in my opinion). 1000 times better than the "authentic" jerseys sold at retail. I won't speak to the Fanatics replicas because I've never touched one. I will not touch one. Fanatics is destroying sports retail. Not exactly hiding my feelings there lol.
  7. I wouldn't be surprised if the league eventually goes this route, much like the NFL and NBA. Customized jerseys are more expensive and players names and numbers = royalties for the players so the NHLPA is probably pressuring this to be how jerseys are sold.
  8. I've bought packaged patches from there with no issues. Too weary to buy the repros.
  9. I don't think that's BS either. I'm hoping that by the end of the season, they'll have some 58's available. It seems like most players wear 56. Too bad the Canucks don't put sizes on their game worn auctions. No idea who wears what if I was going to try for a game worn.
  10. If the team would sell me a MIC skate jersey, with the patch, for $500 blank, I would pull the trigger. I have a feeling my email address is blacklisted by now though lol.
  11. The Canucks have definitely not ordered MIC Adidas jerseys to sell to fans. Last year, I managed to convince the equipment manager to sell me a blank, but he wanted $500 CAD, which was out of my range at the time.
  12. I think they care. The Canucks have a real bad attitude when it comes to retail. I was still working in the licensed sports industry when it was their 40th anniversary. My company had so much trouble selling the white retro jerseys they wore that season because they didn't have the patches and the Canucks refused to sell the company I worked for any so we could make those fans happy. Why the Canucks don't want to have their anniversary patches available for sale like so many other teams do, I cannot figure out. There's no logical answer as to why the Canucks would care that fans will strip worn/issued jerseys, but there's no logical answer for why they refuse to sell patches that aren't attached to a $200 replica jersey either.
  13. Given the Canucks' attitude of not wanting fans to get what they want (IE: anniversary patches), it would not surprise me in the least if the Canucks know some fans have bought their used/issued MIC jerseys to strip them and have started to cake their numbers on so it makes it as difficult as possible for us to do so.
  14. Does anyone have an authentic 1993 All Star 12 BURE kit? Not that I don't trust a few customizers out there (and Keener is aiming for March to take orders again and I'm not that patient, nor am I sure I trust them anymore)... if I anyone has a kit kicking around, you know the PM drill.
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