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  1. Van67

    eBay version 4.0

    The rates of shipping from the US is affecting my purchasing decisions more than the exchange rate. When I look at something on eBay now, I see what the total is of the item and shipping in Canadian dollars and decide if that's what I'm willing to pay if I were to be in a store at that moment. Then there's import fees with the f***ing global shipping program to consider too.
  2. Van67

    It is good or not?

    This is what I sent... "I'm curious... the MeiGray tag says game WORN in 2011-12. You're advertising this jersey as a game issued jersey. The Stars wore the 20th anniversary patch in 2012-13, so how can this jersey be worn or issued for 2011-12? Valeri Nichushkin was drafted in 2013 and played his rookie season in 2013-14 when the Stars switched to their current green and white uniforms. Nichushkin never played for the Stars when this black jersey was their home uniform, so how could this be an issued jersey for him?" ...No response yet. I don't expect one lol.
  3. Van67

    It is good or not?

    (Will edit later to fix. Stupid smart phones.)
  4. Van67

    It is good or not?

    Nevermind the 20th Anniversary patch worn in 2012-13... but the MeiGray tag says worn in 2011-12. I'm in the kind of mood tonight where I decided to ask some questions to the seller. Wonder if I get a response lol.
  5. My first All Star jersey! Canucks patch en route. Will eventually be that year's All Star MVP Brock Boeser!
  6. Then there's this... https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/94-95-glynn-game-issued-gi-worn-used-1929584845 Of course, camera issues aside, it looks like this jersey has a darker shade on the numbers than the yellow on the jersey itself. It might be possible that the Canucks used some older jerseys throughout the 94-95 season. It's not like uniform inconsistencies in those days never happened. Of course, it might not be a game issued jersey, but then again, who the hell would get Glynn customized on that jersey outside his immediate family? lol That, and the yellow in the 25th patch (yes mine is original) is as bright as the brightest yellow the Canucks used. It looks f'ing great on the jersey I have it on. 😛 I usually am so picky that this would bother me, and I would switch it up if I could find the correct jersey (whoever said it is right, the logo is more noticeable), but it's not rubbing me anywhere near the wrong way as the incorrect size of some Canucks namebars I've had happen recently.
  7. I can see it, but the shades are so close (at least to my eyes) that I have to really focus to see it. Normally I'm fussy about this kind of thing, but I have two issues... 1. If (at least) a couple collectors did not know this, nobody else will have it come to mind seeing the jersey on me in my watering hole. 2. At first glance, I cannot find any Canucks jerseys in the 94-95 shade of yellow. Any tips? I am totally up to buying one (at a reasonable price) if I could find one, then do some patch movement. (Thankful Keener didn't cake any adhesive on the back of that 25th patch.)
  8. On a happier note with the Mogilny jersey, I'm not so upset anymore without that extra stitching around the inside edges of the numbers. It's not like it's inaccurate without it, and the kiss cut numbers as they are now look so clean. From what I understand, the reason for the extra stitching was issues with the material in the wash, and I'm not exactly washing my jerseys 40 times a season. *awaits happy song*
  9. Delete. Wrong button.
  10. I've only ever known the colours on those jerseys to have changed from 91-92 to 92-93. I also have some difficulty in seeing slightly different shades of a lot of colours. I tend to assume a lot of what I see different on a computer is just a camera issue. If 94-95 was indeed different than 92-93, replacing the 25th patch with a 100th Cup patch is an easy switch (I've also only ever seen these skate jerseys post-91-92 in one set of colours, so can I really find a jersey for the 25th patch?). That said, in my personal collection right now I'm less worried about that, than I am discovering that again, Keener did Canucks letters too small on the D.Sedin nameplate. What should my expectation be when I send a good photo of D.Sedin's back in-game and ask that the photo be paid attention to for correct size? (I even sent a better pic of Henrik's name in-game... one letter difference can't throw them off in my opinion.) That's two nameplates I absolutely plan to replace. I think I'll be getting into the habit of having EPS do nameplates for me, because as long as I have proper measurements, they hit homeruns. Does anyone know anyone with a game-work from that Canucks vs Leafs game when the skate jersey made its cameo? Edit: I'm also now thinking that the Mogilny name letters are a bit thin, but maybe that's just because I'm seeing red right now!
  11. If you look at the carpet I lay my jerseys on for photos, it's obviously the camera... probably decided to use a flash for one.
  12. The story doesn't pass my smell test. If I felt this was a simple "trying to find out if he's lying" post, I would agree with you.
  13. I have quite a bit of fun searching haystacks for actual authentic jerseys I have in my collection, so I can have Bure, Odjick and Mogilny jerseys, and be accurate to era. I didn't get them 20 years ago, I got them recently. I also have stripped a game worn or two for re-customization because MIC Adidas jerseys are not sold at retail. What I have not done, and I do not see anyone here doing, is stripping game worns and passing them off as something they are not. The only time stripping a game worn jersey is bad (and by bad, I mean beyond a personal preference to not do so), is if you are being a fraudulent pr!ck, leaving the game worn tagging on, and actually passing it off as such.
  14. I hope to wake up in the morning to this thread deleted. This s*** has no place on this board.
  15. You can see the main layer is also sewn down despite the middle layer being kiss cut.
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