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  1. Van67

    It arrived today v. 8.0

    Gotta love a Sunday delivery! I am already mid-strip because I have no desire for Antropov, nor can I find any record of him ever wearing 16 for Kazakhstan.
  2. Van67

    Proper number style question

    I'll echo the above about details, details, details. Sometimes I do feel like I'm going to make places like Keener or EPS roll their eyes, but I spare no effort in details. Materials or namplate and numbers if necessary, stacked twill or kiss cut, etc. I always find closeup photos of what I want and send them. If I'm sending patches, I will take a photo of the patch exactly where it goes on the jersey before I pack it up for shipment. The last jerseys I sent to EPS were North Dakota Edge 2.0 jerseys. They do their game jerseys, but I specified every last little thing none the less.
  3. Van67

    It arrived today v. 8.0

    It's almost a cross between that Monarchs jersey and the Buffaslug.
  4. Van67

    It arrived today v. 8.0

    FFS I thought I got the edit in on time lol That said, with needing designs in advance, could be for a season or two down the road.
  5. Van67

    It arrived today v. 8.0

    Found a cool piece on eBay... Barys Astana (KHL)... seller said it was a "concept jersey" that the team rejected and he gave me a break on his initial asking price. Photos showed it was clearly an Edge 2.0 with team issued details. Sure enough, there's a prototype tag. I emailed the team to get more info on it, but no response (not surprised, it's the off-season). Does anyone have any info at all or know where I can source it? I'm thinking, fonts, etc.
  6. Apologies if I missed searching... What's the closest MIC Adidas size to Edge 2.0 56?
  7. I'm debating stashing some cash the next while and getting a Canucks game worn jersey. Players they have are not who I want so stripping is the plan so I can have a MIC Canucks Adidas jersey. 1. Is there any source at all for real Adidas on-ice material for nameplates? 2. If not, is the material strong enough that stripping letters and re-using the plate feasible?
  8. Van67


    Definitely no on-ice jerseys. The term "authentic" these days just means not fake in my opinion. As far as I know, Nike doesn't sell their on-ice quality jerseys at retail.
  9. Van67


    I'm fairly certain EPS can do USA jerseys, so perhaps they can do any team in the new IIHF materials?? As for sponsor patches, I'm also quite certain those go on game jerseys only. Of all my searching for any, I've come across one set of old Warsteiner patches from a user here, and they came off a game worn jersey. National federations also don't answer inquiries about them, at least in my experience. At best, you may be able to get a good reproduction somewhere.
  10. Van67

    Photo Sources - Late 1990s

    You guess correct! Always wanted a Kazakhstan jersey and I hate Tackla so I was not passing this one up. I will be stripping it... 1. I cannot find any record of Antropov wearing 16 with Kazakhstan. 2. Anyone with a Kazakhstan jersey likely gets Antropov and I'm just obsessed with having things nobody (or next to nobody) else has. Good to know all 1998 IIHF jerseys had the patch. I actually have a couple myself that I've been waiting to find something to put them on. Game photos from 1998 searches all come up with the Olympics, where the patch was not worn. It's been just as challenging to find game worn jersey photos, which would also serve my purpose!
  11. Are there any good photo sources for IIHF tournaments in the late 1990s? Specifically looking to find white Nike Kazakhstan jerseys, and it seems like the ONLY tournament with a half-decent amount of photos are the 99 World Juniors in Winnipeg. Though if anyone can answer if Kazakhstan ever used the IIHF 90th anniversary patch in any tournament, and without any sponsor patch, please answer! Yup, looking for jersey unicorns on a Friday night!
  12. Bump. Jagr jersey added.
  13. Van67

    Customizer's Current Wait Times Thread

    South of the border, that's fair. This is the first time I've not received a fairly prompt reply. Maybe if I ask for an actual quote that'll get better attention lol... but that'll be a while. Spent some dollars set aside for customization on new jerseys this week. 😐
  14. Van67

    Customizer's Current Wait Times Thread

    Hmm. I sent an inquiry a week ago and crickets. Maybe using the form on the website gets answered faster than just having Keener's email?
  15. Van67

    It arrived today v. 8.0

    I would think just an adhesive on the back for a heat press. Perhaps it's sports leagues' new way of trying to make sure patches they sell never get applied to anything. The whole reason for the old hard plastic backing on embroidered patches was so sewing needles could not break through them. Douchebaggery. That said, although I appreciate a good classic embroidered patch, I don't mind the Chromaflex. They look sharp as long as you can put them on your jersey.