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  1. Van67

    It arrived today v. 8.0

    That's actually who I was leaning towards so I can't give you full credit when it actually happens!
  2. Van67

    It arrived today v. 8.0

    Found a steal on eBay... Dirty namear (don't want Zednik anyway), signature on the front and the stain on the left sleeve. Didn't take much effort to clean it... Some residue left on the back that will be covered by the new namebar (still deciding on the player and a patch en route). Other than that, it's like a brand new jersey that's never been customized!
  3. Van67

    Las Vegas Thunder - Patches

    Giving this a small bump to see if anyone is able to help. Priorities changed and I'm hoping to get this done now. I can get reproductions from Patch Collection, but I'm weary if they will be worthy of putting on this jersey.
  4. Van67

    The Patch Thread 2.0

    Looking to find an authentic 1998 Stanley Cup Finals patch. I see there is one (or claiming to be one) on eBay right now, but I'm not thrilled at the idea of paying $60 CDN for it. If I can't find one at a better price, I may resort to the reproduction that's on Patch Collection. (Edit: I'm weak. I paid.)
  5. Van67

    Adidas NHL On Ice Jersey

    We have to remember that we're in the minority, and by a wide margin. To us, the term "authentic" means on-ice. It used to be that way in the industry too, but since counterfeit garbage has become a thing for sports jerseys, the term "authentic" today simply means that it's not counterfeit. Using one of the Adidas advertising examples above... "just like the one the team wears on the ice" is honestly not lying. It's capitalizing on stupid people. Still dirty but pick a retail industry today and you get the same sh!t for quality descriptions. "Just like" does not mean the exact same thing. Side note, I did manage to communicate with the Canucks a few months ago, to the point where they offered to sell me an on-ice Adidas blank jersey... for the great price of $500 CDN. Of course my response wasn't polite.
  6. Van67

    It arrived today v. 8.0

    Cutting Edge got this back to me. Up close, the sewing and some of the cutting of the materials are a bit of a chop job, but the game jerseys of this day didn't exactly have perfect stitching. I love it!
  7. Van67

    It arrived today v. 8.0

  8. Van67

    It arrived today v. 8.0

    Bag from EPS today!
  9. Van67

    IIHF World Juniors Jerseys

    I'm fairly certain (but could be wrong) that at the U20 top tournament, it's only ever Canada who has actual swift jerseys. I have a Sweden game worn from the 2011 tournament that is not swift either.
  10. Van67

    Customizer's Current Wait Times Thread

    I got a response this morning. $85 US is their cost.
  11. Van67

    Customizer's Current Wait Times Thread

    That sounds about right. I definitely remember paying less than I thought I would.
  12. Van67

    Customizer's Current Wait Times Thread

    Definitely not. They did a white Islanders wave jersey for me last year around this time.
  13. Van67

    Customizer's Current Wait Times Thread

    Does anyone have experience with communication from Cutting Edge Sports? I emailed them a week ago and got no response.
  14. Van67

    It arrived today v. 8.0

    I have plans for this one, but it's too cool to not post out of the mail bag!
  15. Van67

    It arrived today v. 8.0

    On that note, does anyone have a source better than Getty Images on Islanders game pics from 96-97 or perhaps a Bertuzzi game worn from that season? I'm coming up with duds searching.