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  1. It is good or not?

    Out of interest, what's wrong with the fight strap? It looks like it's got a twill patch, not cloth - the usual giveaway (in fact, it was the fight strap that was pretty much the only thing that led me to believe it might not be a fake).
  2. It is good or not?

    Anyone got an opinion on this? Fight strap looks legit, as do elbows. Deep creases to the material / numbers make me a little suspicious, hem tags even more so, and those patches look like very poor repros...
  3. Fanatics’ Raphael Peck Talks League Deals

    Painful to read, due to content and, more significantly, vocabulary.
  4. 2017-2018 Jersey Watch

    Dumb-sounding though 'Crazylight' is, it's been used for a few years on CCM equipment product lines, so sort of has some precedence in the hockey world. Still, sounds stupid, though... Interesting in the link above that both the info video and, more importantly, it would appear, the overall marketing for the jerseys, have been outsourced to UK-based firms.
  5. It is good or not?

    Any opinions on this, it's small so the numbers go right over the fight strap, so I can't see the tell-tale twill patch of real vs. fake jerseys. Most of it seems to check out, but something about the hem logos doesn't look quite right to me. Any help?
  6. It arrived today v. 8.0

    Great spot! Thanks. I tried to work out what the numbers may have been, but there's not enough of a stitch imprint on the mesh material to tell. Makes sense though, as it definitely had a different, longer, nameplate at some stage...
  7. It arrived today v. 8.0

    Thanks for the info. I hadn't even noticed the pointiness / curviness of the wings on the crest until you mentioned it... It does not appear to be 'on-ice' exact compared to anything. Still, not as bad as this: My hometown team used to use a direct rip-off of the flyers logo, but were forced to switch it to this due to trademark issues. I wondered if the jersey I got might be from some affiliate team or something, but it seems more likely that either CCM didn't pay too much attention to making retail jersey crests match, or that it is an after-market crest. Although I'm just guessing...
  8. It arrived today v. 8.0

    I took a bit of a risk on this one, but I think it's an authentic 83/84 Flyers Jersey - although I'm happy to hear opinions from others. Numbers look OK to me - the black layer seems the right width (although is it right that both layers are directly stitched to the jersey?), but I'm not convinced by the nameplate (which also looks to be a replacement for something longer that was previously on there)...
  9. 2016-2017 New Jersey Watch

    Well, it says that they are "252J Adidas NHL Authentic Pro jersey". But, that description in the link above reads an awful lot like anything said officially about a current Indo Edge. Adidas may be hard pressed to meet all demand from pro teams for jerseys (hence only two uniforms for next year) in their Canadian factories, but I suspect they've got plenty of other locations round the world where they can churn out 'Authentic Pro' jerseys - Indonesia, for example. There's also a worrying reference to clima-lite. Even though pro issue soccer jerseys are of a heavier grade than retail, that stuff does not really say 'hockey jersey' to me. Hopefully it'll be a different grade of the stuff (or will this be the difference between retail 'Authentic Pro' and actual authentic pro jerseys?)
  10. It arrived today v. 8.0

    I really like this, especially little touches like the championship dates on the back of the collar, the motto inside it... Out of interest, what is it that makes this an Adidas and not a Reebok jersey (as per your description)? Do they normally use Adidas and this is only tagged Reebok for the Hockey City Classic? (No biggie, they're essentially the same company, just interested to know).
  11. It arrived today v. 8.0

    Not the greatest pics, but I really like this jersey; the logo, color and best of all, the Brewers sponsorship - A sports team sponsoring another sports team? Way better than Pepsi, Dunkin' Donuts or the like. Nameplate needs re-attaching, but this is how it arrived today.
  12. The feedback thread

    Thanks to cjerina for sorting me out with a great Milwaukee Admirals gamer. He got it to me in Europe really quickly and even refunded the postage difference when he was able to fit it into a smaller box... Cheers! And, thanks to Furiousd for messaging me that cjerina had the Admirals jerseys in the first place.
  13. NHL says NO to South Korea

    This is annoying - the NHL is in a position where it is the world's dominant league in a global sport, but that means it needs to act more responsibly, not less, I feel. There was some ray of hope, that I read though, quoted below: "The NHL has not decided whether to allow teams to make decisions on a case-by-case basis about players participating in the 2018 Olympics." This is not dissimilar to conflicts between the African Cup of Nations and European soccer league schedules, which usually get resolved to everyones' satisfaction. There seems to be some support from team owners too: ""If Alex Ovechkin and Braden Holtby and Nick Backstrom tell us, 'We want to go play for our country,' how am I going to say no?" Capitals owner Ted Leonsis said in February. "I might get fined, I might get punished in some way, but I feel I'm in partnership with Nick and Braden and Alex."" Also, the NHL needs to be careful - given the location of the tournament, it is fairly possible the KHL might significantly build this into their season and make a point of making the NHL look bad. I saw Canada play Hungary earlier this season, icing a team made almost entirely of KHL players, Sweden played Hungary yesterday, using a team that was either domestic or KHL based. There's the talent there to showcase other leagues in the world. If this decision comes back to haunt the NHL, they deserve it...
  14. It arrived today v. 8.0

    A bit of mid-to-late 90s Tampa Bay goodness courtesy of Pens4ever. The numbers - I can't decide if they're ugly or brilliant, but I like them either way...
  15. The feedback thread

    Thanks to Pens4ever for getting a great Tampa Bay Poeschek jersey to me - another easy transaction...
  16. No, I don't mean they flew him to Chicago for that first match - He became something of a minor celebrity with all the publicity and the Blackhawks were more than keen to capitalize on that, flying him out afterwards and giving him goaltending gear...
  17. But if Stolarz were to be injured (or say he was injured), that would have been grounds for him to come on, wouldn't it? Anyone know what the penalty would have been if the Flyers had left him out there when play resumed? (I suspect fielding an ineligible player, regardless of circumstance probably carries a reasonably large penalty).
  18. OK - so while the (pesky) rules meant he was even less likely to actually see any game time than in his one-day stint with the Blackhawks, at least the Flyers got into the spirit of it, and got him on the ice to get a few stick taps from the players. Great photos and gifs doing the rounds already. Given refs can't diagnose injuries, how much do you think anyone would have looked into it if Stolarz had claimed to have hurt his hand or pulled a muscle? Although that might have cheapened the whole thing. As it is, it's still part 2 of a really cool story... Good publicity for the Flyers, but it seemed like the Blackhawks gave him loads of kit and flew him out to Chicago - what are the Flyers gonna do to beat that?

    Such a huge collection of ruined jerseys. For example, there are 7 St. Johns Ice Caps jerseys in there, all customized as Sullivan (different numbers, but all as alternate captain). They're all Reebok Premiers too. Why?
  20. eBay version 4.0

    Briere was made captain for the 2005-06 season, right? By then weren't they in Reebok Vector tagged jerseys, not CCM?
  21. It arrived today v. 8.0

    Bought this as it's my son's favorite team and I 'only' had an Indo Edge Canucks jersey (nothing wrong with it, but it was always a placeholder until something better came along). Took ages to turn up, to the point where I'd kind of forgotten about it. Shows quite a lot of wear, which is not that surprising given that it's an Edge 1.0 and that Bernier plays with something of a 'direct' style. Somewhat oddly, the 8 on the back, but only the 8, has gone all puffy like the numbers on fake jerseys... I thought I'd be able to photo match this easily, from various repairs to the right arm, but guess I'll have to keep looking...
  22. Replica or IndoEdge... would you?

    The article that I saw the picture in (coincidentally whilst I was doing an image search for work about 'get involved', as they were celebrating that so many greats were involved in this season's All Star weekend), talked of the event as a commercial success. I strongly suspect that modern jerseys were deliberately chosen as a branding exercise to ensure that more fans could 'identify' easier with heroes of the past in the current colors of various teams. The event might have been good for celebrating heritage, but I guess they didn't want to exclude more recent or casual fans. Or perhaps I'm over analyzing it, it would still be pretty easy to work out who was on what team with retro jerseys (and personally would have looked better)... I guess for a 5-minute photo op, they figured Premiers were good enough.
  23. Replica or IndoEdge... would you?

    Lucky Statsny - I guess he got a CCM 'Vintage' jersey instead of a Reebok Premier. I'll bet that collectively from here you could get pretty close...
  24. Replica or IndoEdge... would you?

    I dunno who these guys are, but most of them seem OK going to watch some game or other in replicas...
  25. The feedback thread

    Thanks to Pens4ever for getting his Nordiques jersey to me. Best packaged jersey I've ever received (folded with tissue paper in between, air pillows either end), the jersey's quite nice too...