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  1. I opted for exactly this a couple weeks ago. I use Hulu via Roku and the MyTeams app when needed. About $20 more per month than Sling was, unfortunately.
  2. I'm not opposed to this, but I tend to prefer reliability lol. I may end up just going the Hulu live route. They carry all the sports networks including local plus all the original content. Almost twice the price per month of Sling, but without local sports I don't have a reason for a tV package. Go Hawks!
  3. So Sling TV just dropped NBC Sports Chicago. considering Hulu Live. Any Hawks fans watching this way? Other teams?
  4. Going to see JJ Grey next week. Stoked for that.
  5. Looks like the Hawks decided to have the white collar just before it goes down the front of the jersey. Not sure I like it...looks incomplete.
  6. Thoughts on putting replica patches on authentics? i compared a recently purchased patch to one that came on the authentic jerseys and while the difference is nearly unnoticeable, I can personally tell when comparing. Specifically, the height of the embossed letters seems ever so slightly lower than what came on the jerseys. would you guys have it added? I know some people do repros for hockey jerseys.
  7. Usually takes saving my monthly expendable budget for a few months to even get a blank. When I used to teach guitar lessons I could bring in about $250/mo which was essentially my budget. missed out on a Hawks 09-11 third because I didn't want to spend $50 over my budget and it was gone by the time I had the cash on hand. life goes on.
  8. I vaguely remember someone saying the commemorative patches have a rigid plastic backing, like something to help it stand up or display right. Don't know. I'll find out. Took advantage of the eBay $5 coupon and free shipping and paid nothing for the patch.
  9. Yeah? I'm assuming quality as always with them. i just grabbed the patch off eBay. Not sure how it's attached to its backing. Doesn't look like it has holes already. Did keener use a clear looking thread, almost like a fine fishing line?
  10. Those are the ones I'm inquiring about. Would a customizer have the right kind of tools for that? Just wondering if anyone else has had it done.
  11. https://www.ebay.com/itm/2016-World-Series-Game-Official-Chicago-Cubs-MLB-Sleeve-Jersey-Logo-Patch/173946872790?hash=item28800aa3d6:g:nEgAAOSwCjFdFUHT:sc:USPSPriority!60188!US!-1 what about one of these? Has anyone tried applying one of these commemorative MLB collectibles?
  12. Has anyone successfully applied one of those collectible Emblem Source plastic patches to a jersey, and if so, who did you have apply it and how did it turn out? i realize they say the patches aren't meant for apparel, but figured it might still be possible.
  13. The one the Cubs did last year was nice, with the small stars in the blue. Wish I picked one up but I'm fine without it. It wasn't a huge deviation. Never cared for the camo jerseys, in any sport.
  14. Yeah I was looking at a few of those but found a better option from a member here actually. Id consider them for sure.
  15. I'm just outside Chicago. I know some of the shops next to Wrigley carry them too.
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