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  1. On a side note, regarding the Canadian-made Adizero jerseys, I hear that Adidas is a little behind in production for the actual NHL teams' players and that at least the Rangers don't have all the sizes they need to produce Set 1 for the regular season. Zuccarello, for example, wore size 54 in the Edge 2.0 and prefers a size 54 in the Adizero as well. He's apparently been wearing size 52 in preseason because they don't have the size 54 jerseys available. Same goes for Desharnais (another smaller player). Those are the only two Rangers who wear 54. On another note, I understand that some teams might be having issues with "color run" when washing the Canadian Adizeros. In other words, if you wash a blue Rangers and a white Rangers together, the white will come out of the wash a shade of blue!!!! This deters me from my original plan to buy a regular season Rangers gamer to actually wear myself from time to time. I would be nervous to wash it!
  2. Exactly - the "shoulders" are almost non-existent. To put the Capitals eagle in a spot where it is on the Edge, they'd have to put it on the sleeves. I imagine the shape of these is a lot like the Edge 1.0 (of which I don't own any).
  3. No doubt about it. In a nutshell (?), it seems they morphed several undesirable elements into one jersey: the unnecessarily long bodies of the Starter jerseys from the '90s, the cheap material from the Reebok Premier jerseys, the collars from the World Cup of Hockey jerseys, and the skinny arms from the Edge 1.0 jerseys! ?
  4. One other side note - sleeve length is about the same between the Canadian Edge 2.0 and Indo-Adizero. A photo would not show this perfectly, though, given the shape differences between the two. Also, the sleeves on Indo-Adizero SZ 52 and 54 where identical - the body width was about one inch difference between the two sizes, though.
  5. Bottom left hem (Adizero) on top Bottom right hem (Adizero) on top (obviously, as you can see the little rubber ADIDAS "coin") ? Keep in mind, I have yet to see a Canadian Adizero in person, so I have no idea if the materials on Indo match Canadian. But I do know that I dislike the shape (skinny arms, longer body, logo on the belly rather than chest, and completely different collar area) and the materials it's made from (again, reminds me of my kids' Premiers). The patches seem identical on Canadian vs Indo, based on photos of Canadian I have seen (although I don't like the lighter kiss-cut logo, not the eagle stitching, etc.). With that said, i am a huge fan of the Canadian Edgo 2.0 (materials, wide sleeves, collar area, etc.) (I own several Edge 2.0's from a handful of teams). On a side note, I have never actually seen an Indo-Edge 2.0 in-person (for comparison).
  6. in this photo, the Adizero is on top of Capitals Canadian-Made Edge 2.0 --- both SZ 54. Body width is almost identical except the Edge is wider in the armpit area. Closeup of left armpit are (Edge on bottom under my hand) ... Right armip area (Edge 2.0 on bottom under my hand)
  7. https://www.flickr.com/photos/158856168@N08/36833854526/in/album-72157688101376266 https://www.flickr.com/photos/158856168@N08/36833854566/in/album-72157688101376266 Canadian Edge 2.0 eagle logo (all heavy stitched) compared with new Indo Adizero eagle logo on right https://www.flickr.com/photos/158856168@N08/36833854636/in/album-72157688101376266 Canadian Edge 2.0 sleeve compared to new Indo Adizero (new sleeve is very narrow + no elbow reinforcement on Adizero) As for size, I wear 52 or 54 in Canadian edge 2.0 and bought 54 in Indo Adizero as they are slightly smaller than Edge. Material is more like the Reebok Premier material. I bought this at Kettler (Caps' practice facility). Price was $180 (blank). Also, the Capitals logo on front is about two inches lower on the Adizero (so it's almost on stomach rather than chest). Overall, it feels a lot like Reebok Premier in shape and texture. If you click on any one of those links, you can see about 8 photos I posted in the album. Will return it tomorrow for refund ?
  8. https://www.flickr.com/photos/158856168@N08/36850773602/in/album-72157688101376266/ Caps Retail "Authentic" Jersey (Indonesia)
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