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  1. Nameplates Needed

    Pro Jersey and Gunzo’s still has White and Red Edge plates. Recently grabbed a couple of red ones from Gunzo’s. I would give either of them a call
  2. The Patch Thread 2.0

    Legit! I got a couple of those WWW patches on my jerseys thanks to this guy!
  3. Nameplates Needed

    Looking for a red Edge nameplate to fit 9 letters. Please let me know if someone has. Thanks in advance!

    that didn't last long... which one of you pulled the trigger??
  5. Replica or IndoEdge... would you?

    I own a few Premiers and was going to go Indo (didn't know better at the time). Luckily before I made an Indo jersey purchase, I met someone who showed me the differences between an Indo and the Canadian jerseys. That being said, I liked Premiers because you can find blanks for really cheap and get them lettered for around $100, cheaper than what retail charges with actual stitched numbers (not the cheap ones). Best part is, I really don't care what happens to it. Now that Indos are going on sale (40% off at the Hawks Store), it's very tempting to purchase as a wear anytime, anywhere, and not care jersey. But the amount out the door is still a lot. At that point, I'd rather spend the extra $50-$100 on a Canadian Edge
  6. It arrived today v. 8.0

    If you drop-off/pick-up locally, usually takes 1-2 weeks depending
  7. Edge Name Bars

    I reached out to JB earlier this week - will only sell with Jersey purchase. There is no limit on how many Nameplates if you're buying a jersey. I assume if you bought from him before you can just buy a nameplate
  8. customization - where to shop?

    Quick update with CSL They do have Edge plates in stock and redoing my jersey! Thank you guys for all your help!!
  9. First Time EPS Questions

    Quick update with CSL They do have Edge plates in stock and redoing my jersey! Thank you guys for all your help!!
  10. customization - where to shop?

    Was thinking the same thing. Apparently, someone else said they heard the same thing. And to wait closer to the playoffs.
  11. First Time EPS Questions

    Awesome! Thanks!
  12. First Time EPS Questions

    No worries - totally understand
  13. First Time EPS Questions

    It's for Toews - let me know. Happy to return the favor someway / some how
  14. First Time EPS Questions

    No - not sure if they didn't want to redo my jersey or they dont really have any right now. They told me they use the unused plates they receive to do the teams' jerseys and sell them to the consumer. Currently, they don't have anything lying around per our conversation
  15. First Time EPS Questions

    Hit up Jersey Baron and said they no longer sell the blank nameplate. Would have to buy a jersey to get one... =/