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  1. The Baron said to me he would never sell Edge Indos or Adidas Adizero Indos. Now he is selling the Flyers Stadium series adizeros customized at 250$....he is not only selling, but he is the most expensive on the market as well. Of course that goes for everything in his inventory, also the latest few Adidas MIC he has added. Then, I have no right to complain, he just wants to make a ton of money 😀
  2. Thanks for the response guys. Yes, I am talking about the Adidas one-ice jerseys, sorry if I were not clear about that. I thought the Adidas jerseys were the ones discussed in this thread only. For other eras I have a pretty good feel for what jerseys are worth, but with the adidas I really dont have a clue as I have not paid attention, other than that they can not be bought like JerseyBaron had the 2.0 edges. I am going to try to find blank jerseys from the Sharks, Ducks, Penguins and Flyers, probably not easy. Anyway, when you start chasing its best if you have some sense of the "market value", so you know when to pull the trigger if possible. Thats why I mentioned seeing a Hawks one listed at 700-800$ and a few others around 300-400$ something.
  3. Whats a reasonable price for buying a blank size 54 or 56 that is new with tags? I have not followed this closely. I saw some Chicago jersey listed at like 700$ and then like Columbus for 260$ or something. I understand it varies a bit from team to team, but in general, whats the ballpark?
  4. Lightbringer

    eBay version 4.0

    I know Chicago updated their jersey. But 0.99$ for an adizero Toews jersey, thats pretty cheap. I actually thought about bidding 2$ but made a sandwich at the wrong moment and missed out https://www.ebay.com/itm/Authentic-With-Tag-Chicago-Blackhawks-19-Toews-Adidas-Home-Jersey-men-size-46-S-/303439369326?
  5. Thanks for the tip, and I agree. I did buy one jersey from Ben. But he is very rarely stocking size 42 and 44, which is the ones I am interested in. Obviously the other sizes are much more easier to find. Btw, does benhsports have all jerseys they have listed on ebay or are they carrying more jerseys?
  6. Coolhockey replied now and made to sure to avoid to answer my question and instead went with. "Hey, we never released a statement on this matter. We're sorry for any inconvenience this may cause" Whats the reason for not giving a straight answer? It would be pretty darn helpful for me and other collectors to know why the change has happened and if its a long term change, to plan our future jerseys purchases, which is critical to our well being
  7. I should add that I did reply to coolhockey and asked them why they suddenly dont sell blanks anymore, and also asked them if they have issued some kind of statement regarding the change, have not heard back from them yet. To me it seems really odd to just stop selling blanks without informing anyone of it. I mean, imagine people buying blanks from them for like 10-15 years, and suddenly its not possible...
  8. Interesting. Its not possible to buy blanks from the US website, but its possible on the CA website. I could also add blank jerseys on the CA website. Thats strange! Especially as they are saying blanks can no longer be bought, maybe they have not updated the CA website yet.
  9. Do you mean by private persons selling them? Or do you mean by some of these bigtime "discount sellers"? The jerseys and sizes I am looking to buy are not available on ebay unfortunately. Usually order only when coolhockey has a 25% or 30% discount going.
  10. Coolhockey have stopped selling blank jerseys completely. They have removed the blank option when you buy jerseys. I thought it was a website error and contacted them, and then they just replied, "unfortunately, we no longer sell the jerseys as blanks". Your reaction to this? Why are they doing this? Do they want to force customers to buy customization to make more money? Personally I find it very weird, as the would lose out any customer that collects or wear blank jerseys. And is there a risk of more shops to follow?
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