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  1. Wearing another teams jersey during the playoffs?

    I just meant like when out in town eg. I am a pens fan but i like flames jerseys and i have several
  2. What jersey did you wear today?

    My starter flames horse head.
  3. It is good or not? Flames edge 1.0, its real right
  4. Looking for opinions on this. The pens are my favorite..the only sports team I love. I do however like flames jerseys and the flames are my 2nd favorite team... Would you guys wear another teams jersey (other than your favorite) when your team is in the playoffs? I just got 2 new flames jerseys but i dont want to jinx the pens..
  5. It arrived today v. 8.0 Flames edge 1.0
  6. Flames shoulder patches

    Oh awesome! Yeah i was excited about it..i posted pics on the flames reddit and people were like the shoulder patches are awful/said the jersey was fake. I know it isnt fake but i wanted to check here as this seems like the most "elite" jersey discussion site.
  7. Flames shoulder patches

    I just got an old edge 1.0 flames away blank, my first reebok edge. I know it is a real jersey, but has anyone else ever noticed the shoulder patches on the flames authentics not being as glossy as on the premiers? I have a red flames premier from around the same time (09) and the shoulder patches on my premier seemed to be thinner and more glossy? Maybe the edge being brand new unworn with the tags still on it has something to do with it. Idk my premier is off getting customized so i dont have it on hand, and i am at work right now so i cant take good pics of my edge atm. My edge is definitely real...passes all of the tests in the real vs fake edge guides...
  8. Different versions of heroes of hockey/ccm vintage?

    Yeah, she got mine from so its not fake That explains it then
  9. I have a Mario lemieux heroes of hockey that my girlfriend got me for Valentine's day. I was wondering...I was looking at vintage flames jerseys and I saw hockey jersey outlet has CCM vintage flames that are made in Canada... Why are some CCM vintage (I mean the current vintage replicas) made in Canada and some are made in Indonesia? Are the canadian replicas better the way they say the canadian edge is better than indoedges?