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  1. Springfield did a Coyotes night with the old Kachina alternates back in the early 2000s. The Wolfpack have worn Rangers jerseys with Wolfpack screeened over the Rangers lettering in the preseason in the mid 2000s.
  2. Did not know that about the Crunch. Pretty interesting fact.
  3. Second is a rare one 92-93 Hamilton Canucks .
  4. Few pickups, Mid 90's BC authentic/ Gamer. Still doing some research
  5. I'm just going to keep offering you the Fritz for the Lu.
  6. I mean his museum is pretty much every backup goalie in NHL History.
  7. Are the mods ever going to do anything about Mike Hunt throwing up 17 different for sale posts a day
  8. Milt Byron just posted a novel on the subject. Probably stemming from the argument with Casey, Ross, and Derek
  9. .... in the training camp inter squad scrimmage....
  10. Museum of every NHL Goalie call up who played 7 minutes or less..
  11. WHO DID THIS https://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-YORK-RANGERS-SEAN-AVERY-AUTHENTIC-HOME-REEBOK-EDGE-1-0-JERSEY-SIZE-52/273452712854?hash=item3fab0d4396%3Ag%3A4DEAAOSwPXdblaYI
  12. He has a jersey of every goalie who sat on a bench in preseason. You know that ECHL goalie that no one knows about that is now working in the financial field.
  13. So if anyone didn't see my post in the game worn group. Fanatics is selling Counterfeit knockoffs through SportsMemorabilia now. https://www.sportsmemorabilia.com/sports-products/aleksander-barkov-autographed-signed-florida-panthers-hockey-jersey-beckett-coa.html
  14. What if? I had two favorite players growing up, one was considered a career minor leaguer and one blossomed into an NHL star I landed the career minor leaguers first two NHL jerseys and the NHL stars last Flyers gamer (he's the reason I love Philly) and his first AHL jersey. I consider all 4 my grails.
  15. Thanks! 58+, sucks it's too big to wear to a game
  16. This is my favorite, because he's done this to multiple people.
  17. I don't block people unless the f me over, just needed a little rant this morning to destress, plus I collect s***ty minor leaguers sometimes lol
  18. Got my hands on a Thornton thanks to a great friend. This thing is massive, Decent wear as well.
  19. The pool scene is a goalie cut for sure, i still think the on ice scene is player cut.
  20. Possibly used for the geico commerical in a few of the scenes
  21. Starting to really get annoyed by one of the so called "veterans" of the hobby. With his own grab bag featuring no name minor league players and now a defunct UHL teams s***ty practice jerseys with no fight strap and sublimated logo for 60 bucks. Come on, it's a freaking beer league jersey. I can go pick up a brand new NHL practice with sewn everything and a fight strap for 60.
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