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  1. I need one too and I've even asked several ebay patch sellers/makers about making up a batch and have gotten no interest even though watching the various boards demand is fairly high. I used to travel to S. Korea for work several times a year and would have patches made up exact and for next to nothing. I wish I was still going over, I'd have a couple dozen made up while I hit the Olympics and grab them on my way out. I have a Cryillic gamer inbound due next week, I'll try to post.
  2. Nameplates Needed

    Any customizers or sources for Leafs blue Ultrafil name bars out there?
  3. It arrived today v. 8.0

    Fresh off of the truck, a gamers double of Yotes and Bolts - Evan Bloodoff and Brett McLean. Am I the only nerd that keeps his MeiGray boxes and ships them along when I sell the jersey? Even when the MGG folder and COA are present I never seem to get any boxes passed along. Not a big deal, just wondering if they get tossed out or where they go.
  4. Replica or IndoEdge... would you?

    So see, not a troll just incompetent!
  5. Replica or IndoEdge... would you?

    I was just pointing out an ad that nearly got me to bite on it, not at all aimed at this discussion. Sorry to have offended you with my obvious "trolling".
  6. Meigray Expo 2017

    Great info, appreciate it!
  7. Replica or IndoEdge... would you?

    Hey anyone see this one, it's a Reebok Edge 2.0 on-ice authentic Premier??? http://www.ebay.com/itm/302063840116?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&var=600865776470&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  8. Meigray Expo 2017

    So how do they do the items available and pricing for the warehouse sale, everything is available and a percentage off, or only certain items at set reduced prices? Also has anyone ever asked how they select what they put up on eBay ( $99 auctions other than the Solar Bears which are always $149 start)? I always wondered if they just select random lesser known players, or targeted specific players (due to cut, quit, retired), or if they just have a team overstock of the type of jersey so they just start chipping away at the stack (especially the minor leagues like ECHL where many of the players may not have gone any higher so the names carry less importance)? I know, so many questions.
  9. Replica or IndoEdge... would you?

    Oh no "Authentic-style replica"? This is going to get the torches fired up again!
  10. Replica or IndoEdge... would you?

    Leafs Nation all the way!
  11. Replica or IndoEdge... would you?

    When it just involves the blanks I totally agree and that is what I was trying to say from the beginning, it just gets misleading when the customization gets added and it becomes an "authentic Austin Matthews jersey". I'm not sure if you have had any of these conversations with non-collectors but just like the purity of talking with a child they are often confused by the adopted terminology. When my wife looks at my jerseys/gloves/helmets etc. and the "Letters of Authenticity" from the teams or MeiGray and then asks why these other jerseys don't have them I explain that they are replicas of the players jersey that I had made up using the same materials the team uses. To go any other way would be a rabbit hole that would lead to her never wanting to discuss it again.........wait a minute ?
  12. Replica or IndoEdge... would you?

    No not directed at you, a page back someone made a troll comment and while trying to load that pic from photobucket my browser took a nap and since this forum is so active there were many replies before I got this one up. Photobucket is always unstable for me, POS! The old me screams "exact replica!", but the new reformed me quietly says "no sir, that one is completely authentic" with just a very subtle eye twitch.
  13. Replica or IndoEdge... would you?

    Hey FrontYardSpecial - I did not sign a release for my likeness to be used on this forum....or did I? Didn't really read the fine print!
  14. Replica or IndoEdge... would you?

    Ouch, didn't think I was being a Troll, just a guy with a differing opinion as to how things are described. Someone even asked that I not go away and that people enjoyed these deep philosophical discussions - but I guess only some people. To an outsider such as myself the terminology is just a bit off so I guess I'm getting run off into the woods by the torch and pitchfork crowd like the "Authentic Replica guy". I actually like that term, authentic covers the blank Jersey and replica covers the team customization that was not ordered or ever owned by the team. If a player jersey is truly authentic is it because it says that it is or is it made authentic by the fact that the team actually owned it? My opinion was not that the jerseys in question are not authentic Reebok or whoever x.x jerseys but that the end product was not an authentic team x jersey but an exact or to whatever degree replica of the team jersey. Anyway for the sake of not being considered a Troll you guys win, I'm with you now, Martha's Sport Shack and the Pro Teams all own the exact same genuine official authentic player jerseys. Now that I am in lock-step can I stay on the forum? Torches down?
  15. Replica or IndoEdge... would you?

    Not mind blowing at all because it was established in the first post that all jerseys on the team's inventory are authentic or genuine articles. Famous painter?‍?, let's call him Van Riemsdyk sets up 12 identical canvas' and gets his paints out. He paints the first six with the same scene (a garden filled with maple trees) then has his protoge paint the next six also with the same scene. Now what do you have, same canvas, same paint, same scene? You have six original Van Riemsdyks and six reproductions or replicas. A guy walks into a bar in Toronto, he is wearing an Austin Matthews jersey. Bartender says "Waow, sweet jersey, eh." "Oooh, well thank you" he replies, "It's authentic, don't cha know!" Bartender- "Oooh, can I touch it?" "I've been a fan my whole life don't cha know, but have never actually touched a genuine Leafs jersey, something that has traveled the inner halls of the Air Canada Center (this would sound a lot better if they were still in the Garden), possibly has brushed by the 11 trophies (ignore the 50 year drought, focus on the story), and lived in the company of heroes, eh." Guy- "Oooh, well I got this one over at Martha's Sports Shack, it has never actually been in contact with the Leafs in any way, sorry eh." Bartender- "Oooh, well then what cha got there then is a replica, you can't go a callin that authentic, people are gonna think you're a hoser and tell you to take off, don't cha know." Guy- "Terminology issue with our hobby don't cha know."