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  1. It has still worked for me on numerous jerseys.
  2. Put it in the freezer for a few days. I don't know the science on this but I've had success with this.
  3. I wouldn't do that if I were you. It sounds dangerous; like adding up what you've spent, then adding postage considering I'm on the other side of the planet. Oh dear, this is ungood. Back to the original question I have a jersey slush fund of sorts for the really tricky ones to get and the rest are ad hoc. Exchange rate sliding a ton over the last few years has been unpleasant.
  4. Whilst for the majority of the collectors here TJF probably isn't going to find something we don't already know about or are really interested in, however is he is growing the hobby by getting more people interested in jerseys. Law of averages will likely indicate that as more people gain interest some of those people will, and I use this term loosely and in a non offensive manner, 'graduate' from cheap replicas to sought after authentics and for some into gamers as well. We can all agree that the market has been pretty flat the last couple of years but this could be the injection needed to see values return to where they were in the longer term. Admittedly I've been quick to point to Reddit as a problem in terms of value as everyone expects a bargain but that is likely a shorter term view I needed to re-assess. As Devilsguy pointed out more discussion is not a bad thing. There is an encyclopaedic wealth of knowledge amongst members here and if we can share that and create greater interest, fantastic. I see he's joined anyway so welcome aboard mate. Now please find me an Adidas Red Wings MiC.......
  5. Haven't asked in a while but after another Red Wings TBTC in a 50 or 52. Blank or Lidstrom preferred but happy to strip one if needs be. Thanks team.
  6. I'm willing to buy quite a bit....... Understandable position though. If you ever get sick of the red and white one you know where to find me.
  7. How much cat hair do I have to buy to get a Wings TBTC with it?
  8. Nah mate, you shouldn't be on then hook for shipping to Australia.
  9. I'll give you $45 and if you throw in a Wings TBTC $85 because the Wings suck. I'd be doing you a favour........
  10. Probably time to check the other boxes. Dibs on the Wings TBTC.......
  11. Yeah, seller is aiming for the stars. I think the market will dictate to him where the value actually lies but sometimes you have to pony up a bit for the rare ones or ones you desperately want in the collection.
  12. Unrelated mate, but there is a blank Hawks TBTC for sale in the Authentic Hockey Jersey Addicts group on Facebook in a size 52
  13. I queried the seller on size and it was a mixed bag answer. 48s run too small for me and with exchange rate and postage it was too much of a risk. Seller was going to measure and get back to me but it sold. Someone has done well.
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