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  1. Hey anyone in this game worn jersey group want a Harley rolling thunder tshirt i am here to help!
  2. Another overseas collector clogging up the feed instead of combining it all into one. What's better is some of the jerseys he's listed by themselves and in with others in a separate post. The group at this point is just good for entertainment only. The self destruction that collectors do to themselves is amazing!
  3. Casey said it on the facebook group today as a shot at Derek. I believe casey's opinion is coming from his very real dislike of Derek and how he runs .us. Plus the detroit collector who tried passing off the McDavid stick didnt help. Plus, there's a few established dealers that come from the area and some of the sale shenanigans are well documented among Wings collectors that someone in the know like casey would hear.
  4. Just in case y'all haven't figured out what those of us who collect the Wings already know.....Derek is a first rate tool. He is more anti-establishment then collector and he loves to hear himself post. Casey may have his flaws but he's putting him in his place right now. He's also right about the Detroit based axis in the hobby. There are a few bad apples.
  5. He just posted another Crosby goal puck from last night. If anything the entertainment value will be the Foremost Authority melting down like a teen girl.
  6. A pair of brand new skates that will be soon game worn by a collector! Wowzers!
  7. I agree with both of you for sure. The g'f uses a word that i cant stand but she always says "clique" about groups and such. Hey she's smarter then me but aren't they all. You'd think there's a different cool factor displaying for a player then displaying at a small city museum that even the biggest clique or good old boys club would appreciate.
  8. There's certain members who post and get more excitement then anyone else. I recently saw one of them do some display type thingy with their stuff similar to what another collector did. The excitement for the more popular collector was predictably different and the collector who didn't get the reaction had the better of it by far in my opinion.
  9. I understand that if someone goes go to sell it and people can look up the price but if someone has no intent on selling it then it won't matter i guess? People can do as they please but usually they wind up posting it anyway which is confusing!
  10. Why are people so secretive or unwilling to share about what they won last night? It's going to be posted anyway most likely so what's the secret?
  11. Before them trying to charge a fee, the hoops you had to jump through to join were brought on by people who were using multiple log in's to start trouble, re-joining when banned, and bad sellers. It was an attempt to ID. I can't really fault them for doing that. There was a time when gameworn was not for the faint of heart. I think people have issues with the facebook groups because there is too much that dumbs down the hobby. It's also another place where the same old destructive behavior is present.
  12. That guy making reproduction Cup banners annoys me more then pucks. But yet there he is time after time without anyone saying a word or a mod deleting the post.
  13. The collectors destroyed that forum more then it's ownership did. It was always simple to register and not always a pain in the Arse under new ownership. Those safeguards were put in place because of the collectors' behaviors. The same thing is going to happen to the main facebook group sooner or later, too.
  14. You also have to enjoy the amount of people bitching about prices like the Kings and Reign sale and how it's wrong for the hobby. This is a business to these teams, they do not care about it being a hobby. It's amazing how many of people do not understand this. They think the hobby is all about them and it should be priced and run as they see fit. There's more people who buy then those just who post on that facebook group. The thought that they aren't alone in who pays the prices scares them. I know the Wings prices were high at their recent sale, but i still paid because i wanted this season's jerseys. You don't see me on there bitching how it's killing the hobby.
  15. Why can't people (especially established collectors that know better) just post their mail days without showing 1) the wrapped box straight from the mailman 2) opening the box bit by bit or section by section and then 3) keeping you in suspense until they unwrap the whole thing?
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