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  1. No one would do that here as you don't have that type of fraudulent people but there is always someone out there who will. There's really no reason i can think of to not remove tagging other then risking damage to the jersey which is understandable. In that case, perhaps mark the fight strap (if it isn't already) that the jersey isn't game worn.
  2. The Chico looks like a really nice jersey from the pics. The crest hasn't yellowed which is a plus and it's in a larger size. The customization looks to specs, too. It does have the wrong style fight strap or whatever that thing was meant to be. Fight strap aside, it's missing the red "Sandow SK" on the rear hem otherwise it would look exact as worn on the ice in 82-83. It's got the right version of the Cosby logo as worn on-ice, though (without "& co" at the bottom of the logo).
  3. Yeah, i am inclined to believe it's the same jersey. The characteristics seem to match up between both well from what there is to work with pics wise. As i said, i'd love a look at that jersey turned inside out. The CCM hem logo change really gets me, though. I had someone within the last year buy my non-game worn 1982-83 Devils NOBR jersey and then turn it into game worn by adding a loose nameplate of a Devils player he bought off eBay. Other then not being a game worn jersey of course, the player whose nameplate he attached never wore the number on the jersey.
  4. Yes. The flat more stretchy collar. That's the same jersey? If it is, wow. The Sullivan doesn't have the NHL shield on the hem and it's the wrong CCM logo, but looks to have that same green mark on the one sleeve and the black mark next to the "3"? I'd love to see a pic of that "Conacher" jersey turned inside out.
  5. The Devils never wore that style collar with the CC left hem and CCM/NHL logo combo on the right hem during the regular seasons in which that hem was worn. The Devils pre-season jerseys from 1990-92 had heat transfer logos/name/numbers and did not have that style CCM/NHL logo hem. If someone is open minded enough where they are of the opinion that "anything could have gotten worn on the ice/anything could have happened in those days" then give it a shot, but i personally steered clear away from it. Being it's still up for sale for that price lends firm belief other collectors are not confident in it, either.
  6. We were offered a copy and turned it down being we did not have any plans on purchasing the book. I briefly considered doing you a favor taking one and sending it you because as a seller you were a pleasure to deal with and work with and i didn't forget that. It's too bad that you choose to take the path you did and rather look at me and treat me by how much i contribute openly then consider the person from our private chats that you did have a good rapport with.
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