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  1. The Want List

    I happen to be going to L.A. for a day this week. I'm not a collector and so I'm a little bit ignorant in procuring such items beyond eBay. Any suggestions as to what type of places where i can check to find that 90's throwback Kings jersey I've been looking for?
  2. The Want List

    I am still looking for a late 90's/early 00's L.A. Kings Jersey, black and purple, non-customized in size 52, 54, or XXL, please.
  3. The Want List

    Thanks! I'm just waiting to hear back on some measurements from one that I'm looking at. Either 52 or 54, i think.
  4. The Want List

    Sorry! I'm just an ankle-skating newbie. Didn't read the rules. Won't happen again!
  5. L.A. Kings throwback confusion

    Nice! Where did you find them?
  6. L.A. Kings throwback confusion

    CCM replica i posted from eBay in this thread should be identical to the Koho, right?
  7. The Want List

    I am looking for a purple and black Kings jersey with the lion inside the shield shape on the chest, preferably authentic (but doesn't have to be), in size XXL. Don't want any name/number. Thanks!
  8. L.A. Kings throwback confusion

    Way out of my price range.
  9. L.A. Kings throwback confusion

    Ok, thanks again! Problem with having someone stitch everything on is that the jersey isn't all that cheap to begin with, especially for a replica. How much would i have to pay on top of that now?
  10. L.A. Kings throwback confusion

    All right, boys - i found another Koho, but with clearer pictures. Need to use your expertise again - are the letters and logos sewn on or glued/ironed? Look at this on eBay
  11. L.A. Kings throwback confusion

    So should i stay away from the Koho?
  12. L.A. Kings throwback confusion

    Look at this on eBay
  13. L.A. Kings throwback confusion

    Look at this on eBay
  14. L.A. Kings throwback confusion

    Look at this on eBay
  15. L.A. Kings throwback confusion

    The Koho has the brand logo on the sleeve and a puck logo on the back hem. It's made in Canada and the guy insists the patches are sewn (although the guy selling the CCM from Indonesia days the same thing).