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  1. It's legit. Nice pick up, they don't show up near as much as they used to. As the saying goes, it's worth what someone is willing to pay. I've spent more on a few jerseys than some may say is fair market value but if you want it and it doesn't come along very often, get it. Better than second guessing. What are your plans? Selanne, Tkachuk?
  2. Hey Bob, If you measure the top/bottom of the 6/9 squares they aren't square like the later 1.0/2.0's, they are like the bottom of the old font 2's and are slightly rectangular. Not really noticeable in pics like the 2's but about 3/8" difference from being square.
  3. I saw that pic too and it looks like old font to me but wasn't sure anyone else would agree since it's at a distance. I can't believe how tough it is to find an early Toews pic or any other image or gamer with a 9 from that time to make a comparison. That Shirts giveaway is the best clear evidence that the 'Hawks had changed to the newer font late in the '07-'08 season, it's just too bad there isn't one clear back shot of Toews from earlier in the season. That early in the season Williams pic is the best look at a 9 and sure looks like old font.
  4. It's not a huge difference but is noticeable, the square part on the bottom of the Spacek 6 is smaller than the top part and the Passmore is just a flipped 6. From what I can see in Getty pics they changed the 2's, 6's and 9's late in the '07-'08 season for '08-'09. There's a pic on Getty of Toews with Jason Williams from Mar. '08 with the old font. On Apr. 4, '08 there's a pic of Toews during a Shirts Off Their Back giveaway and his jersey has what would be the '08-'09 font. IJ won't let me download the Toews/Williams and Toews giveaway pics due to space but check Getty and let me know what you think.
  5. I'm looking to add an '07-'08 1.0 Toews to the collection. Does anybody have pics of the back of one that is done in the correct font? I've seen that they used the Nike/Koho font for the 2's and 6's on early 1.0's but can't find a pic of Toews from early in his rookie year or any other jersey using 9's to confirm they used the pre 2.0 #9's. Stands to reason that they would since a 9 is just an upside down 6 but want to be sure. Thanks.
  6. Looking for a blank 'Hawks red Koho in a 52. Preferably with the 75th patch, can be already applied or not but not a must have. Thanks.
  7. Now I remember why for years I didn't collect past '95-'96. Anything other than Ultrafil and Air-Knit and it's gets too complicated for me. lol.
  8. If it's like the Hurricanes and Whalers, I believe it's called Flo-Knit.
  9. No problem. It was time to let it go and since you like the rare stuff it went to a good home. Enjoy!
  10. Looking for a Sabres Reebok 6100 third jersey in size 48 that they wore in '06-'07. Blank is good already done as Campbell is great. Thanks!
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