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  1. Supershatty

    Where to get info on IHL jersey customization?

    Holy crap! Thank you! He had exactly what i was looking for. Hope he makes it through ok.
  2. I bought a red 00-01 Kansas City Blades Bauer Authentic a while back and would love to get it customized but i can't seem to find anything about how it was done. Google images shows mostly white ones and if they do show a red one i can't see the name or numbers on the back. I found a fan site but it looks horribly outdated and doesn't have much info on it. Sportslogos.net doesn't have anything either. Anyone know where i might be able to send it who can do it accurately or maybe find a description of the specs? I'm somewhat new to collecting so i have no idea where else to look. Any help is greatly appreciated.