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  1. aajpity

    NFL Jerseys

    I noticed my Steelers authentic premier is made of 55% Nylon and 45% Polyester. Is that normal amongst NFL jerseys or exclusive to Steelers? What is the story behind that? I can not find anything at all online.
  2. aajpity


    I picked up the Minnesota Wild Adidas White Authentic for $126. What a deal! I can't wait to compare it side by side with the white Reebok.
  3. aajpity

    Help with NBA jerseys

    The shoulders seem to be a bit stiffer compared to my swingman George and Love jerseys. Do you know the material from the numbers of the above jersey I posted?
  4. aajpity

    Permanent Crease?

    Has anyone had major problems with the wild green alternate Reebok jersey? The numbers will just not come out smooth. Wash, iron/steam, air dry, and 8 heavy books for hours. Creases remain. It's very frustrating.
  5. aajpity

    Minnesota and Chicago Stadium Series Jerseys

    I'm seeing the patch for $11. So under $20? Man that seems too good to be true. That's an investment worth making.
  6. aajpity

    Minnesota and Chicago Stadium Series Jerseys

    Any idea on the cost? Just general.
  7. aajpity

    Minnesota and Chicago Stadium Series Jerseys

    How do you put them on?
  8. aajpity

    Minnesota and Chicago Stadium Series Jerseys

    Yeah it's a replica. Hmm that's interesting. Kinda wish I had it on. Do they just sell them? Is it hard to put on the jersey?
  9. aajpity

    Minnesota and Chicago Stadium Series Jerseys

    I received the Minnesota Wild Stadium Series as a present two years ago I believe. Absolutely love it. Curious why the jersey doesn't have the stadium series patch on the right shoulder. The stores only had a left shoulder that says "state of hockey." I know the fake ones seem to have it all the time lbs. Anyone got an answer?
  10. aajpity

    Permanent Crease?

    Thanks guys. I did lay 4 high school yearbooks on it after the air dry. That pretty much got rid of it. I have two other jerseys with lots of wrinkles. For those ones... Washing even with no stains is fine? And then air dry. Towel, iron on steam to finish?
  11. aajpity

    In-hand reviews of the new Adizero Indo Jersey

    I felt the breakaway jerseys just 5min ago. They are not that bad. Front crest looks a little cheap but the fabric feels nice. Not as nice as Adidas of course.
  12. aajpity

    In-hand reviews of the new Adizero Indo Jersey

    That looks so authentic. The jock tag doesn't even give it away or anything. I wonder if the quality is better than the breakaway jerseys? Speaking of... Has anyone seen or felt one in person yet? I only saw the golden knights one so far.
  13. aajpity

    Permanent Crease?

    There is a crease in one of my wild jerseys, the middle of the logo on the front. I tried ironing with steam and a towel in between. No success. I washed the Jersey and am air drying it. No success. Is it permanent or should I try the dryer?
  14. aajpity

    In-hand reviews of the new Adizero Indo Jersey

    Does anyone else notice any difference between Reebok and Adidas wild white sweaters. The collar looks different. I can't tell if there is any minor change with the stripes or something?
  15. aajpity

    Help with NBA jerseys

    Also wondering if they make knockoff screenprints? I accidentally bought one. Seems good quality. I can post pictures if need be.