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  1. No. Stupid. NHL trying too hard. Just wear the actual team jerseys during the game. Do these ones save the planet like last year's woke joke?
  2. There has been a tendency for the WC/SS/HC retail indo made jerseys to be a somewhat better build than the everyday ones, at least the ones I've seen. The Blues WC Premiere has the same beautiful felt crest, fully sewn down, with the sleeve and bottom stripes actually constructed from separate pieces sewn together, and the same beautiful ribbed collar. So effectively the same as the 2.0, except for the lighter grade material instead of 2.0 air knit. Also, the new Stars WC, was made with a similar approach. Real felt logo/letters/patch, all fully sewn, and multi piece construction. I think the Vancouver Millionaires Premiere also had the same treatment.
  3. Anyone know an accurate history of Goalie Cuts? Did they start with a manufacturer switch, or were they hot and miss for a while with goalies just wearing a bigger regular cut?
  4. Weren't a lot of those old GW & TC scrub jerseys on in a $99 Flash Sale a few years back (along with a bunch of TIs on for $79)? Why would anyone pay over $200 now??
  5. Avs one looks like wearing a bib. Maybe it's OK for spaghetti eatin'!
  6. Nice jersey. They should put the NHL/OHL branding back of the back at the bottom. Hate to be cynical, but is the strategy to start with patches that no one can criticize, and then when the young minds are used to them, 'Colon Cancer Check' becomes 'Pepsi'?
  7. Agreed. I was afraid for my wallet if they went with the late 60s whites (I have the late 60s Reebok MIC throwback WC/3rd and it is spectacular) ... whew!
  8. I should add that there seems to be some variation with the stitching and details on the CCM Vintage neck tags. A quick look at the Vintage CCMs on JB's site, there are in fact Authentic On-Ice Jersey tags with stitching that is vertical along the full length of the side of the neck tag. There also appears to be variations with the Vintage Hockey wording near the V on the tag. Some have Vintage Hockey above the V, while others have Vintage above, and Hockey below the V.
  9. Yes, I see the stitch pattern is all the way across the top, with a short horizontal stitches in each of the lower corners (roughly a centimeter long, or a touch less). In contrast, the 550 replicas have similar tags but the stitching is vertical - top to bottom - along the full length of the two sides only, and the tag says "Official Licensed Jersey".
  10. LondonGardens

    eBay version 4.0

    I mispoke, I looked and it's now $40 for tax and $150 for duty. I have absolutely noticed though, that I have not been taxed on anything coming in USPS - Canada Post under $150, but have on those shipments over $150. Maybe just luck for my specific shipments or maybe they just aren't bothering???
  11. LondonGardens

    eBay version 4.0

    GSP is an evil deal breaker. I'll never ask for a mis-statement for a seller. I will ask for USPS though, as they include tracking and hand off to Canada Post - and *sometimes* Canada Customs won't assess tax (their choice - and duty never applies to Canadian or US made products). And now the exempt threshold for Canada Customs is $150 so much more can come over without tax!! And yes UPS ground is evil too. Rediculous, unnecessary "Brokerage" Fees. Also a deal breaker.
  12. Thought it would be nice to have a catch all thread for these quality replicas. These are, as I understand, 6100 cut, with double elbows, long straps, number size MIC tags below a larger tag, and the larger tag has top and bottom horizontal thin blue stripes and a good size V on the right half of the tag. It seems some have a gold V on the chest (right side if you have it on), but many don't. And if they are blank they are likely to be legit. Please correct any of these points and add any other characteristics worth noting and we'll have a nice reference.
  13. My guess is they realize the margin is much higher on the Offshore junk so you shall buy those. Just awful. Glad I have my 2.0s. The Canucks attempt at a throwback to the original blue is a mess. Couldn't they just do it like the original with the original Stick in Rink and striping. POS.
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