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  1. LondonGardens

    Adidas NHL On Ice Jersey

    My guess is they realize the margin is much higher on the Offshore junk so you shall buy those. Just awful. Glad I have my 2.0s. The Canucks attempt at a throwback to the original blue is a mess. Couldn't they just do it like the original with the original Stick in Rink and striping. POS.
  2. LondonGardens

    7287 Production Cards!

    I'm guessing they identify the craftsperson who completed that task. If so, shows how much care is given to maintaining quality. Id love to know what each of the French phrases mean. Probably stages of completion (like each stage of sleeve build)? Would be a bit of insight on how they are built. I also wonder if some of the phrases only apply to certain teams specialized design?
  3. LondonGardens

    7287 Production Cards!

    Thought these might be of interest to the geekiness in many of us... Found these 7287 Production Cards in a few of the sealed bag 7287s I picked up in the dandy $49 Hockeymonkey sale. They are in French, of course, and reveal the level of detail and effort going into these wonderful pieces of art! Can anyone translate or explain more??
  4. LondonGardens

    Hockey Monkey 50% Sale

    I picked up a few. All legit TI spec in sealed bags. Also had production Quality Control cards (in French only!) Which I have never seen before and are really interesting. I'll try and post images. Really happy getting these!!
  5. LondonGardens

    Dealing with Jersey Baron

    I'm only guessing but is this a full time operation employing a numer of people, or is it one guy (with a crown!) doing it as a side project labour of love? There are very likely a lot of dollars tied up in inventory. but they/he may not care, based on the comment quoted above. If they/he is someone who did this as a labour of love and holding inventory/low sales are truly not a concern, the community should give him a big round of applause and thanks, because he has got a lot of really nice jerseys into a lot of happy hands!!! Here's hoping Adidas open up to selling to him sometime down the road.
  6. LondonGardens

    Dealing with Jersey Baron

    Well JB has had 7185 Premieres going back ages. So not sure if that is definitive indication of anything wrt Adidas MIC. Some WC 7185s were better than 'regular' 7185s, with constructed stripes and sewn on logos, so maybe the ones you are referring to are a little better than the rum of the mill ones. Anyone onow for sure?
  7. LondonGardens

    The Current Situation of the Secondary Market

    No telling for sure, but if there isn't a flood of MIC Adidas, maybe all the Edge 2.0s out there will have more value/hold value say 10 years down the road...
  8. LondonGardens

    Adidas NHL On Ice Jersey

    They remind me of when I was a kid and we only had Black and White TV. Not something I seek to relive with a monochrome Indo.
  9. LondonGardens

    eBay version 4.0

    FWIW, one of the players from my weekly late 1980's midnight pickup games had a CCCP with 'PISSIMOV' on the back. 😀
  10. LondonGardens

    Adidas NHL On Ice Jersey

    NHL tries too hard sometimes/often. The game has organic roots, a less contrived approach is better. And if they cared about jerseys impact on the environment they wouldn't make them in/support economically the countries that are among the biggest contributors to the problem (and that's NOT Canada or the USA).
  11. LondonGardens

    Is this the Blackhawks’ new collar redesign?

    I wonder if there will come a day when all our Edge 2.0s will be highly desirable, even if there are a lot out there. The Adidas template is highly flawed.
  12. LondonGardens

    Adidas NHL On Ice Jersey

    By the looks of that list it may be a fix for the collars and also for the odd, stupid fishbone-fake lace up thing. Habs new jerseys suffer horribly from the collar issues as well - interesting to see that that aren't on the list (yet). Another issue I see with the template is the width of the yokes, which have increased significantly. It actually looks good on white jerseys (like the New Jersey Christmas Tree 3rd) but horrible say on the Caps red 3rd, where the white yokes make a classic, wonderful jersey look like an ice cream cone...
  13. I'm actually sympathetic, was simply missing the connection to the technical process of how the thread that gets woven in is pre-coloured, and then how that works so perfectly. I actually am disgusted at the NHL making any jerseys outside of North America. Hockey Related Revenue is at an all time high and could easily absorb making the replicas in Can/USA (and the lowest level replicas should be at thevCCM 550 level, IMHO). They are morally no better than the counterfeiters (and the marketing techniques to call them authentic is insulting - I hate the "customer won't notice" assumption). Really think the NHLPA should insist that all official jerseys be made in CAN/USA as part of the CBA negotiations.
  14. LondonGardens

    The feedback thread

    Super smooth transaction with NYIJM29. Great home white CCM Kachina exactly as described (and really well packed too!!)!! Thanks bud!!
  15. LondonGardens

    Adidas NHL On Ice Jersey

    I have that in Edge 2.0 and have to agree. They are just gorgeous and classic!