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  1. Collecting Your Least Favorite Team

    Great topic for a thread! I collect for nostalgia and aesthetic reasons. Jerseys that look like the old days (or as close to it that satisfies me - I'm setting my own rules with this to make ME happy ?) or ones that look great to me are my focus (gotta have a Hawks, even if I'm indifferent to them), so that leads me to have a few from teams I hate. And some teams I f'n hate!! I find a way to rationalize it - example is the Pens. I hate the Pens, but do have the white home CCM 550 Vintage from 1967 that just has the word PITTSBURGH diagonally on the front. I think it's a beautiful old school design and can rationalize it by remembering that was from a season that they only drew like 5,000 at night for. No stupid bird anywhere on the thing! Another is the Islanders, who I also hate, but a dear friend who passed away was a fan, and I honour him by having it and remember the fun we had with the rivalry (and aesthetically it is very a nice 2.0).
  2. It arrived today v. 8.0

  3. It arrived today v. 8.0

    I agree. Im sure that could be salvaged to work front side facing out in a frame or hanging on a wall!
  4. Adidas NHL On Ice Jersey

    I agree mdwsta4! Absolutely horrendous. If they did it without impacting the traditional look of existing team styles I could accept the template change, but these are something I will never buy unless they make them more traditional (maybe a 2.0 version coming in a few years - if enough people speak out?). The collar template CAN work while respecting a traditional look: Edmonton's new white Road is a shining example. Detroit red Home is also well done. It looks great with that blue. Nashville's Road white shows these can be done with new designs while still looking timeless. Maybe having timeless design is the key element here.
  5. CCM 550 Vintage "smooth polyester/ultrafil"

    Seeing some throwback CCM replica 550 Vintage series jerseys out there that are different from the double-shoulder air-knit that are typical of the 550 Vintage replicas. These odd balls are billed as 'smooth polyester' or 'ultrafil' by vendors. I have never felt a jersey with ultrafil as I'm new to this. Does anyone know if this is the same ultrafil that many really seem to like? Are these 550s a very old version, or were they special edition? Can anyone speak about the quality of these? I have some of the air knit replica 550s that seem really well built for a replica (like my yellow/greenSeals). Thanks in advance!
  6. Comprehensive jersey history

    I'm new, so maybe this has been discussed - and it only covers the style timelines - but i am really digging this site (there is also a WHA version):
  7. 2017-2018 Jersey Watch

    When I saw the teasers yesterday I gave some thought to maybe ordering this - but the stripes killed that notion. The collar is the hardest thing for me to accept with the new Adidas template. This jersey shows the collar can be done reasonably well, but the collars are the one thing they need to change out next year, IMO. So far, only the Edmonton home/away, the Nashville white, and maybe the away red Red Wings are the only ones that I could live with, pending an in-hand inspection.
  8. Adidas NHL On Ice Jersey

    Wonder if the dimpled material is partially an attempt to make them harder to knock off. Will be interesting to see how close the counterfeiters get.
  9. What year is this photo from?

    The final hockey game I saw at Maple Leaf Gardens was the Leafs against the Lightning in Tampa Bay's first season. Centre ice Reds, about 20 rows up from the ice, $50 face value. Those were the days!
  10. Collection Themes and Thoughts On Jersey Fouls

    Curious as to hearing some thoughts on these - not trying to be a smart a$$, but they actually wore these, probably for a cerimony. And what if they have no name on the back (I assume these ones do)? Greats
  11. Collection Themes and Thoughts On Jersey Fouls

    Spudrock, that's where I will differ. I have no problem with it being made by a different company. As long as the the logo/striping/yokes layout and colours are correct, and I'm true to name/no name history for that team, I'll be happy. I recognize that is not the same for many others.
  12. Collection Themes and Thoughts On Jersey Fouls

    That actually my thinking too OR68. Authentics like Montreal, Chicago, New York, Philly and a few others have the same style as they did decades ago, so to me those are fair game - but I would definitely go without a name when that matches the year I'm choosing a player from. For many teams I have been getting the CCM Vintage 550s.
  13. Collection Themes and Thoughts On Jersey Fouls

    Thanks for the clarifications. I'll respect the culture of this forum, and post accordingly. 8^)
  14. Collection Themes and Thoughts On Jersey Fouls

    Hello all!! First post but I have been reading and learning from all your posts for the last three months or so - thanks for sharing all the knowledge! Thought I'd start a thread on collecting themes and styles, and generate some discussion on customization. I decided that I finally wanted to get the jerseys that I liked as a kid - the one's I saw in my ESSO Power Players (Canadian Gas Station chain put them out in 1971) and the Loblaws grocery chain's stamps to put in a book with all the players so from the 73-74 season, IIRC. I have been fortunate enough to pick up a mix of Premier/CCM 550s and 7287/2.0s - as many as I can find that match or closely match the jerseys from that Era, and now I'm thinking about customizing. I realize that absolute authenticity will be impossible and I'm fine with that. I've got many players in mind that I will use and want to customize to with the right number colours and even lack of names where that matches the general layout from that Era. The NHL Uniform database seems like a great resource for this. So I'm wondering if I'm the only one out there with this focus, or even if this approach is frowned upon. Ultimately I'm doing this to please my nostalgic impulse, so I know I'll be happy. I also really enjoy the idea of having people get the inside meaning of customizing a Habs 2.0 with a 29 on the back even though there is no name! Thoughts?
  15. The feedback thread

    Did my first deal on here with TheMadHat. Very easy and very happy with the jerseys! Thank you sir, and happy to be here as I recently started my jersey collection.