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  1. Here's a before and after of my most recent project jersey that I'd thought I would share. I knew the kit was inaccurate when I bought it and keeping the autograph was important to me and my collection so I did the best I could by stripping and recutting the kit to resemble team specs. Purchased new name and sleeves from TMLFAN. After a day of looking at game worns, pressing and sewing the new kit I think am pretty pleased with the overall look.
  2. Honestly I think the best part is the description... "sorry I don’t know if the jersey was customized for the player or if this is for a certain players position." That seller is putting out a lot of decent jerseys on Ebay all of a sudden but doesn't seem to know much about them lol.
  3. So after some major collaboration with TMLFAN on getting a perfect kit to me, one that would work with my autographed layer and a lot of sewing I finally finished this guy up.
  4. Ive seen a few of these as well and the second I see embroidered letters instead of normal stitched I look the other way. Even if the jersey was real when they embroider it like that its probably something you don't want in your closet anyway. Classic zigzag stitch on the left. Embroidered paper mess on the right.
  5. Great Haul! That Goldsworthy had me drooling a bit.
  6. I was just telling this to someone the other day lol. I love that the North Stars started this and that Dallas adopted it when they relocated. Pretty sure they were the only team to do something like this. I never thought of that and definitely right about traditional patches last longer. I don't see these deteriorating over time though, not like those old 80s Nordiques jerseys did. These patches don't seem cheaply made and are very hard to get off. Plus we live in a time where jersey collectors take great care of their collections. Time will certainly tell though!
  7. Thats the wrong one. The original patch is not sewn or embroidered, its like rubber. Called Chromaflex
  8. Yeah sorry man.. They did sell them in the team stores for a while by National Emblem but they have disappeared over time. Could try Blakes sport lettering, National Emblem or call The Hangar in Dallas the official team store.
  9. All the Adidas were. Dallas wont sell team issued MIC blanks yet only gamers and player issued jerseys. I live close enough to their team customizer though so I just have him re do them after I strip them.
  10. Thanks buddy! yeah haha I think either Roope or hull is my favorite out of this bunch, only because I have nightmares of stripping those MIC's. Now to get Roope, Zucc and Miro on a MIC next.
  11. BennGuin1491

    Top 5 jerseys

    Also a quick side note. I was told that the same lady who did all the chain stitching for the Blackhawks jerseys were the ones who made Anaheim alternates crest for the Ducks. I thought that was cool.
  12. BennGuin1491

    Top 5 jerseys

    Totally agree, has some nice touches like the felt crest and the eggplant color. Anything more would have been too overwhelming for the end of the "Mighty Ducks" era.
  13. BennGuin1491

    Top 5 jerseys

    It was hard to pick just 5 lol but here's some of my favorites from the personal collection.
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