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  1. What jersey did you wear today?

    I love that jersey!
  2. It arrived today v. 8.0

    I think the 90's Ultrafil is magical... Just the weight and overall feel. Also 90's stitching was a lot more heavy duty and closer together. Really made them solid jerseys.
  3. It arrived today v. 8.0

    Just picked up some jerseys from Blakes Sport lettering. Mostly just jerseys that needed patches. Had the 99 patch put on. Put the Modano number retirement night patch on this one. Segs scored a hatty that night. Bought this without the Canadian flag and Dallas stars patch so put those on. The dallas letters need to be green, but all well.. Full Jamie Benn 2010 Texas Stars kit. Still need to track down a 10' Calder Cup patch for this one.
  4. Adidas NHL On Ice Jersey

    Thanks and I agree with you on the numbers.. I don't like the Adidas perforated numbers at all. The white collar is the other thing I don't like. These Dallas MIC's have the normal perforated numbers. The pictures and possibly the color combo just makes the holes look smaller then they actually are. No, I believe they stopped when they rebranded to the new logo. A lot of companies like Frozen pond and stuff who sell autographed jerseys still put the name bar on the Dallas jerseys. Dallas made the right choice by not using them, they don't look that great with them.
  5. Adidas NHL On Ice Jersey

    National Emblem did sell the chromaflex version at one point. I still have one for a potential project. I did buy it at the team store so maybe they weren't for sell anywhere else. Apparently though these don't have the glue that the chromaflex patches use during heat press on the back. I only know this because I bought one to put on a jersey while I was at the game and they said that the one I bought was the wrong one and they needed the one with the glue.. A lady heat pressed the right one on for me and took the national emblem one back. The glue could just be the glue that most lettering places use to keep things in place for stitching. I didnt ask. The only other way for me to get a 25th anniversary from the stars was to buy a set 1 gamer that also has the 100 year anniversary patch. Luckily my favorite rookie on the team was the cheapest.
  6. Adidas NHL On Ice Jersey

    Those Vegas jersey are sweet, but not 35k sweet... Ill just pick up a blank MIC when they start selling them. Speaking of.. I was at Blake's sport lettering (Dallas team customizer) the other day dropping of some jerseys. He had boxes and boxes of MIC's laying around and I told him it was a shame that these aren't sold to the public yet. He stated that he believes they will be for sell this year in stores when the new season kicks off. I hope that's the case...
  7. Possible Mario Lemieux team issued?

  8. Possible Mario Lemieux team issued?

    Yeah I think your right about the white being slightly bigger, the white looks bigger around the numbers too in the book. I have no idea... lol And thanks, researching and comparing are all a part of the fun of collecting. Its good to have a second set of eyes for these things!
  9. Possible Mario Lemieux team issued?

    Good points. The other reference photo I was using was this one of a gamer and the "U" in this one looked similiar to mine. The 66 gap is off though in this comparison. the jersey book comparison the 66 gap looks close but the "u" is obviously wrong as you pointed out. Either way I do definitely agree that the "m" is wrong and the "c" is wrong. Thanks for everyones imput so far!
  10. Possible Mario Lemieux team issued?

    No this is the reason for the post, I just don't have as trained eyes as some of you do. It did seem like the "c" was a little wide. The "m" looked pretty good to me lol, shows how much I know.. What about the lack of the center ice tag and patch? Would these have been sold without them?

    My Ebay addiction just got worse... Great steal to whoever got it.
  12. Possible Mario Lemieux team issued?

    So the story goes when my closests were still fairly empty and I was beginning collecting jerseys I purchased this jersey on Ebay for cheap, well cheap for what it is (a little over 200). The seller had zero feedback and the post had red flags all over it like "jersey size 64". I decided to take a risk and I bid on it. I was the only bidder and thought "oh man, what have I done. Something is wrong here". To my surprise the jersey was shipped almost immediately. Once the jersey arrived I quickly examined it and lone and behold this size 54* 92-93 Lemieux was perfect. The ultrafil tag still new and starchy. Zero pulls, zero stains and a beautiful signature. I did immediately notice that there was a 66 written on the back of the tag along with some sizes written in pencil. After some research on his gamers it appeared that the equipment manager never wrote 66 on the back of the tags and always the front and 66 was usually accompanied by the captains "c". Only other similarities were this is the same size he wore and the lettering looks to be an exact match to his gamers (at least to my eye). I pretty much left the research there. One thing had totally slipped my eye though. Where is the Authentic Center Ice patch? I realized this and reinspected the jersey to see that there is zero sign of a center ice patch ever being there. Also no little hole in the neck tag for the center ice tag.. So I few questions for you guys.. Does the lack of a center ice tag and patch mean team issued? Could have been a blank team jersey customized into Lemieux? I'm by far an expert on jerseys so if you guys see anything i'm not seeing I would love your feedback! The jersey book for letter and spacing comparison. The front. Front of a 92-93 gamer for comparison. Neck tag on mine. Backside. Almost looks like 66 was wrote in pencil or pen and then wrote over with marker.
  13. It arrived today v. 8.0

    That away Hasek is great. Mine is currently at Blake's getting a 99 patch as well.
  14. It arrived today v. 8.0

    Thank you sir! You got it. Any excuse to post more ultrafil
  15. It arrived today v. 8.0

    Hi all, first IJforum poster here. Just a couple of new ones to the ever growing collection...