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  1. I probably shouldn't get my hopes up that the retail versions will be MIC
  2. Double J

    Adizero Game Issue

    I just want to see some close up pics of on ice jerseys to see if there's visible differences we can spot. I've been too lazy to dig deeper.
  3. it is a totally rational behavior! good thing they look so similar for the most part.
  4. I'm crawling to hide the new purchases from the gf...
  5. I would like to see Lady Liberty make some sort of a return
  6. I just ordered another Oilers edge 2.0 in the old home royal/Orange because it was on for $160 CAD. My name is Double J and I'm a jerseyholic.
  7. at least the sleeve cut is not super wide. that's the only positive feedback I can give...
  8. I don't mind the Canada crest but the arm detailing on both screams cheesy to me.
  9. Not sure why it took me so long to get on here haha. As if sneakers weren't a bad enough thing for me to collect...
  10. I loved the days when the NHL would change jersey companies and the store I worked at would get the old on ice jerseys for dirt cheap. like $35 CDN which back then was probably $20 USD or less.I still kick myself for selling my Penguins home white.Now I have to settle for employee pricing on Indo-zeros.
  11. did I mention that they were on "sale"? haha.Say no to MSRP!
  12. haha. trust me, I already do all of those things. eg.buying 2 sizes in Edge 2.0 Oilers 3rd/home because I gained weight, obsessing over the huge sleeves...hiding stuff from the gf...Do I fit in?
  13. Thank the hockey jersey gods I've found this forum. Nice to read some common complaints! haha
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