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  1. KB67

    Adidas NHL On Ice Jersey

    From what I know, the 1st year that adidas produced the AdiZero Jerseys, yes, the ones that were 46 and lower all had a smaller crest than the ones that’s were 50 and larger. They fielded many complaints about that, and made a change for all the jerseys that were produced in year two and onward. In this example, the Devils Heritage Jersey should have had the larger crests only because they didn’t produce these until year two. Further to that, the best way to tell would be the adidas button. If it has the button on the jersey, it is from the 1st year of production, and any jersey in a size 46 or smaller would have the smaller crest. If there is no button, then it is from year two or newer, and will have the larger crest.
  2. KB67

    Adidas NHL On Ice Jersey

    I believe they are changing over to the CCM Quicklite jerseys across the CHL this season. I haven’t seen an MIC CCM Quicklite in person, but they must be made out of the same material as the Adidas MIC are. Maybe someone that has a Quicklite can confirm that......
  3. KB67

    Canucks Experts

    I also couldn’t find any info that would lead me to believe that he ever wore an “A” on the dark jersey.
  4. KB67

    How To STRIP A JERSEY 101

    I want the old Avatar back.
  5. KB67

    It arrived today v. 8.0

    So, can we ask how much you got it for?
  6. KB67

    NHL Team Customizers

    PCC does not do any jerseys for the Canucks. He does some special event jerseys, and the ones he sells on eBay and his website, and they are very well done, but he doesn’t have the MIC Adidas or the Edge material if that’s what you’re looking for. That being said, I have had him do all 4 of my MIC Adidas Canucks Jerseys, and I am very happy with them.
  7. KB67

    third jerseys are back

    The new Skate jersey and the new home and away will be available in September, likely once the preseason games start.
  8. KB67

    It arrived today v. 8.0

    Been waiting for a while for this one to arrive. Authentic Michigan 2018/19 Alternate Jersey.
  9. KB67

    Adidas NHL On Ice Jersey

    Winnipeg sells MIC on their Team Store as far as I know.....they had home, aways, and Aviator Alternates in there last season.....
  10. KB67

    Adidas NHL On Ice Jersey

    They’re just concept art. Icethetics has debunked them.....
  11. KB67

    Meigray Expo 2019

    Does any of this have anything to do with the fact that the Devils are bad, like really really bad, and even Devils fans are fighting in the stands now? C’mon guys, can’t we all just get along and work together towards winning another Draft Lottery?
  12. KB67

    NHL Team Customizers

    I knew the team uses 3.25” for the letters instead of 3.0”. Pacific Coast Cresting uses the 3.25” ones. The name Plate material isn’t a perfect match, but honestly, it’s close enough and not worth the extra $80-$100 that it will cost you to get done by EPS.
  13. KB67


    I wouldn’t rush to turn one of those into a Hughes Jersey......
  14. KB67


    And probably no Vegas. They still value those like gold for some reason......
  15. KB67


    TJF Grail Snipe!!!!