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  1. Do you have a picture of the tag which would display the product number?
  2. Had a flawless transaction with @hatryk for a “Da Beauty League” team issued jersey with #59 on it, it stripped beautifully and I was able to re-use the #9 and convert it to a #6, and now I have a beauty of a Brock Boeser Jersey, and am now just waiting for the name bar to arrive. Started at this: And now looks like this:
  3. KB67

    It is good or not?

    Authentic Indo Edge
  4. The Jerseys you we’re listing on there were never going to sell through there anyway to be honest. Reddit is a place where the only jerseys that sell anymore are replicas that are super cheap, or you have a cheap authentic you’re selling for way under market value. Other than that, stuff doesn’t sell there. You see the same old For Sale Posts over and over again, and unless you’re taking a loss or basically giving them away, things don’t sell there.
  5. Boeser would be my 1st choice: Then either Hughes or Horvat: I did run into another issue tonight. I had decided that I was good with going with the Boeser Kit, and when I pressed the name bar down, the colours were not really close. The name bar is on black air knit, and it doesn’t really match well with the Adidas MiC black, the Adidas MiC material almost has a shine to it, while the air knit material looked totally dull, and almost brown when matched up against it, so now I’m going to be in a holding pattern into I can secure some Adidas material for a name bar. I may just end up seeing if I can get a super cheap black MiC practice jersey that I can cut up for name plates.....
  6. Has anyone ever used a pressure washer to try and remove residue from a jersey? Do you think it would rip or tear the jersey? Maybe I’ll try it on a shirt or something first.....
  7. Alright, I’ll give it a try later. Have it sitting in an Oxi Bath right now. Not sure if an oxi bath with help with that residue, but I guess it can’t hurt
  8. How high of a temp on the iron would you use? I’ve ironed before and ended up with some scorch marks on the jersey, so I’m Leary about using an iron....
  9. I wasn’t able to get to an Acklands Grainger store to get the fight back, so I picked up the one from Home Depot call Krud Cutter Graffiti Remover. Was the fight back and aerosol or just a normal spray? This one is just a normal spray like the Goof Off. Have you ever tried this one? Did you experience any colour bleeding with the product? I only have a small amount of residue left I haven’t been able to get out, and don’t want to risk damaging the jersey over such a small amount of residue. Here is what I have remaining, do you think the graffiti remover would do the trick?
  10. Looking for two jerseys at the moment: Harvard NCAA Authentic 2018/19 or 2019/20. Team Issued or Game Worn Waterloo Blackhawks USHL 2014/15 Authentic Team Issued or Game Worn
  11. A combination of Goof Off, a hand held steamer, Acetone, and Oxi-Clean Bath, a run through the washing machine, did this a few times until I was content with the results. It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty good.
  12. I sure hope it isn’t, but it makes sense based on what’s happening with the NFL.
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