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  1. Hey guys. I am specifically looking for a White Adidas practice jersey with the teal collar and teal side stripes ( I believe the Sharks are the only team that uses this colour combo )for a project. By chance does anyone have one they could sell in a size 56, or have access to one, or know where I would be able to get one?
  2. I guess when you go from behind, it just does the job better, going right at the sticky stuff.
  3. I didn’t even really need to let it sit. I sprayed about half the logo at a time, then flipped the jersey over and it just started peeling away. Just bought an HD Clear Spray Bottle from Home Depot, and it works like a charm.
  4. I finally got a chance to work on the Adidas MiC Practice Jersey, expecting it to be a massive pain and a long job. Couldn’t have been further from the truth. Stripped the crest off (2) jerseys in a grand total of 15 minutes. Acetone in to a spray bottle, jersey turned inside out, sprayed the rear of the crest, and then flipped it right side out, and the crest peeled right off. Did a quick scrub of the residue with the acetone, and it came out spotless. Here’s the end result:
  5. They value them at $279 CDN?!?! We are getting raped buying them....
  6. Completed my set of the Canucks 50th Anniversary Season MiC Warm Up Jerseys.
  7. Did you ever ask him about removing the crest from the Adidas Practice Jersey at all?
  8. Looking for a Black Adidas MiC Practice Jersey in a size 56 for a project. Doesn’t matter which team. Just needs to be black, size 56, and in either new or extremely lightly used condition.
  9. Pretty unlikely you’ll find a blank one. Best bet is going to be to get a preseason gamer and strip it, then have it customized to your liking. http://www.jjdistributing.biz/2018-2019-pre-season--game-issued.html
  10. What size is yours? I wonder if smaller sizes would have a smaller crest?
  11. Does anyone have an Adidas MiC practice jersey that would be able to measure the height and width of the rubber crest that is on the front of it? I am going to be covering one with a patch, and want to be sure the patch will be both high and wide enough to fully cover the rubber crest.
  12. So the Blackhawks crest is over top of the Bruins rubber crest? Is it detectable at all?
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