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  1. Well, this didn’t age well. Time to blow it up. Trade Marner for a D Man.
  2. KB67

    Starter Rangers tie neck sz 60

    Maybe give a steam or something to make it look better....it looks like shït with the wrinkles all over it....you might have better luck selling it.
  3. The West was real rough this year, a real murderers row, so I cut them some slack this year.
  4. Finishing 3rd in your division and losing out in the 1st round would only constitute a great year by Vancouver Canucks standards.....Leafs are just.......average.
  5. I know.....it was tongue-in-cheek. I’m a Canucks fan, I feel ever ounce of pain in not winning, like ever. We’re onky 3 years up on you in that one, except we’ve never won....
  6. They’ve won a game.....may as well plan the parade route straight through beautiful downtown Brampton.
  7. KB67


    Awesome. Thanks!! I wonder if they’re selling the jerseys or doing an auction again? I don’t see anything about the jerseys....
  8. KB67


    Anyone know if Michigan is doing their garage sale and jersey auction for this season? I can’t seem to find anything online, and have emailed the Director of Hockey Operations, but haven’t gotten a reply from him.
  9. KB67

    *Dumb Question Alert* Re: Facebook Groups

    The best is when the Grail Day comes in the form of a Thrift Shop find of some random replica for $25. I love seeing those. I wish my Grails were that cheap.
  10. KB67

    NHL Team Customizers

    5 minutes with a seam ripper and you’ll be good.....don’t let the stitching deter you. Lots of people here to help you.....
  11. KB67

    It is good or not?

    The usual places for those types of jerseys will be: LetGo Craigslist eBay Kijiji Reddit r/hockeyjerseys Thrift Shops - Value Village/Salvation Army
  12. Fück!!! That’s the exact jersey I was looking for!! I already bought one a couple weeks ago that was way more than that one......
  13. KB67

    Top 5 jerseys

    5. Edge 2.0 North Dakota Boeser 4. Adidas MIC Canucks Pettersson 3. Edge 1.0 Calgary Hitmen Virtanen 2. Edge 2.0 Utica Comets 3rd Virtanen 1. Edge 2.0 Växjö Lakers Pettersson
  14. KB67

    It arrived today v. 8.0

    I got a white version of the Bauer jersey. Am I going to have trouble finding a name bar to match the material?
  15. Thanks!! I’m looking for the current version though..... I did manage to get one through the Team this morning though.....so just looking for a 67’s Jersey now....