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  1. Those are nice, but I’m excited for the next wave of alumni jerseys that are going to get posted today. I wonder what is going to be released today?!?!?
  2. Here is the plan for the jerseys for this season. There will be MIC Adidas jerseys worn in the warmup during the (4) theme nights, and then the jerseys will then be sold in the Team Store after the warmup. There will (4) different jerseys: 70’s Night: White Stick in Rink Jersey 80’s Night: Yellow V ( these will not be made available for sale, as they will be auctioned off during a Future private Canucks event for the CFKF) 90’s Night: Black Skate Jersey 2000’s Night: Navy Orca Jersey There will not be any retail versions of the jersey made available, just the MIC versions from the warmup. This aligns with what Anaheim did last season for their 25th Anniversary Season.
  3. But they are all 60% off.
  4. Anyone have any Edge or Air Knit name plates that would match up with a Quebec Nordiques blue jersey? I’m looking to customize a Saskatoon Blades 2013 3rd Jersey, and the colours are a match for the Nordiques colour. https://flic.kr/p/2hrdZUK Edit: Found Nordiques Air Knit
  5. I like your jerseys. Thank you for posting them. Always love seeing what people are getting.
  6. I bought some of the repro ones off eBay, and they seem to do the trick.....I know you like your authentic patches, but these may be your only choice with these ones, since the Canucks went and had them made for themselves only.....
  7. Every customizing job I’ve ever done with Keener they haven’t requested payment until it was completed. EPS always asked form prepayment and Keener was the opposite....
  8. Hey guys. I’m wondering if anyone has any info on what colour exactly the dark jerseys are for the wolves. Would it fall under “Cardinal Red”? I’m ordering a kit for a cheap replica jersey I got off eBay, and want to be sure the name bar will match the colour of the jersey, and the seller is saying he uses a “Cardinal Red” Air Knit Name Bar for that kit. Anyone have any input that will help me?
  9. Says nobody ever!!!! ottawa vs. Vancouver would be great.
  10. KB67


    Maybe there is something more going on here? Is it just me, or is it weird that first he announces that he’s not going to be doing individual customizing jobs anymore, and now he’s selling off his personal collection of jerseys? Something doesn’t seem right......
  11. Sorry, no idea, I’ve never used them, but they wouldn’t have the correct name bar material anyway, so you’re better off just using PCC
  12. As a follow up to this, the Canucks Gamers are actually only done in-house, by the EQM. They don’t send any out to an outside source. Central Crests only does the retail jobs for the Team Store.
  13. It’s definitely not PCC, I believe it is still Central Crests, but I’ll see if I can find out 100%....
  14. Are you doing the strip yourself? I have done two of these Oilers jerseys, both a white one and an orange one, and they were the two easiest strip jobs I have done to date. The perforated numbers basically just peeled right off after I ripped all the stitches, then a bit of Acetone to remove what little residue there was left behind, and after that I was golden.
  15. From what I know, the 1st year that adidas produced the AdiZero Jerseys, yes, the ones that were 46 and lower all had a smaller crest than the ones that’s were 50 and larger. They fielded many complaints about that, and made a change for all the jerseys that were produced in year two and onward. In this example, the Devils Heritage Jersey should have had the larger crests only because they didn’t produce these until year two. Further to that, the best way to tell would be the adidas button. If it has the button on the jersey, it is from the 1st year of production, and any jersey in a size 46 or smaller would have the smaller crest. If there is no button, then it is from year two or newer, and will have the larger crest.
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