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  1. It fits!!! Holy smokes it fits.... Arms are slightly baggy but I can deal. Chest is not snug but comfortable, length is perfect. Arm length is a little short but I can manage. I'll post some pics shortly. Jersey Baron is good people! Once the season is over I'll send this for customization. Thank you for the help is getting the right size. I would of quit after the Adidas fiasco if it we're not for the forum.
  2. Ok I found my jersey. The 2.0 58+ is going to be snug in the chest. I went ahead with a goalie cut. 60. That will most definitely fit. I will send to off to exclusivepro and have it customized. I am working a deal with jerseybaron now. I like the Reeboks better than the Adidas anyways.
  3. Ok I am still searching. I am looking for a team issue jersey, that is about the only thing that will fit comfortably. Just cant justify spending that large amount of money unless I find one that I am 100% in love with. I am still working the equipment manager. I will bug the crap out of him until he answers. Tax season is my busiest time. I am the IT Manager/Senior Accountant at my job so work is hectic. 60 plus hours a week from Jan to April kinda sucks.
  4. ok just to be clear the 58+ we are talking Reebok 2.0 right?
  5. Typo there. Length is 27, Pit to pit 31 read my own writing wrong...oops Arm length is expected. Never can find anything to fit my arm length.
  6. Ok my measurements in inches Pit to Pit 31.5 Shoulder to shoulder 58 Length(neck to waist) 27 Arm Length 25
  7. Please, any help is greatly appreciated.
  8. I havent tried the Edge 2.0 but if it fits anywhere near this fake one I have I would be a happy man. Replica would be fine as long as its not a screened on.
  9. Ok so I'm new here. I hope you guys can help. I am at wits end. Backstory: I am a big guy. 6'8'' 330lbs. Strongman body build. I throw heavy crap for fun telephone poles etc..... I bought a jersey from eBay in February of last year. It came and it was a fake. Only place I could find a 3xl. I filed a claim and got my money back. Anyways I decided to wait until the new jersey styles came out and would pick up a Reebok on sale. Yeah that ship sailed fast when they made the finals. This year I finally bought an Adidas Adizero. It arrived today and we'll it's too small. I bough
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