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  1. Wow it's been a long time They are a keener replica (fake) Looking back the eBay description was rather deceiving and private bidding was suspect Still grail status for me. Live and learn
  2. Bought many many years ago. Will dig up emails. No claim to authenticity and always wondered about the 2. As far as a replica I would be shocked. The effort needed would be immense and to only make a few? Everything about the jersey is unique from mesh, screen print, embroidery, strap style. Wouldnt be easy to put all materials together. Will Take more pics. I am intrigued as I have not looked at my shirts in a decade
  3. When I had the dream I was going to display my jerseys one day. Then toronto real estate slapped me in the face.
  4. Also any experts know of a few "nike" Gretzky's that have a mysterious past? I own 2 and always wondered the story behind them.
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