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  1. Where did you get one of these patches? I'd love to swap the patch on one of my Selannes for one with the orange border.
  2. Thanks! Indeed it is. And it's a proper size, too.
  3. 1984-85 Doug Gilmour This one took quite a bit of convincing, but when it finally became available, I didn't have to think twice. I believe the seller is a member of this forum, too. 1994-95 Paul Kariya Sold one like this a couple of years ago, and always wanted to get another one. Thanks to @spudrock512, I was able to add this one to the collection.
  4. Thanks! I could be wrong, but I don't think it is a set tag, or is it? Apart from the removed nameplate I couldn't find any signs of it being a recycled jersey.
  5. Anyone have an authentic '96 World Cup of Hockey patch?
  6. 1980-81 Bryan Maxwell, from his last season with the Blues. I'm really starting to dig those Rawlings jerseys.
  7. Does anyone know where to find one of those patches worn during the 97 all star game in San Jose? Or does anyone know of a place that could make those? I have never seen one for sale, not even reproductions. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  8. Looking for a 90s Winnipeg Jets Thomas Steen jersey. Color and year doesn't matter as long as the customization is correct. Can trade the matching Selanne jersey for it.
  9. Thanks, guys! It is, just doesn't show in the photo. There are more photos in here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/164930214@N04/albums/72157711776738588/with/49063647661/ Thanks! Yeah, it already came with a couple of matches, and I was able to match it to a playoff game against the Red Wings. This really seems to be his last home jersey for the Blues. It absolutely does. I might actually be done collecting for now. Can't get any better for me.
  10. Someone pinch me, I might be dreaming. Can't believe I finally got my grail: 1997-98 Brett Hull
  11. No idea what you're talking about. I quite enjoyed watching the game.
  12. Should be a size 50, but I'm not a 100% sure. Size 52 Whalers with slightly incorrect kit and nameplate.
  13. Absolutely beautiful. Who are you going to put on it? Thank you! Lets see if slim still has the pictures floating around.
  14. Slowly catching up with everything that came in over the last few weeks. 2000-01 Adam Oates, was advertised as game-issued, but I have no way of knowing for sure. Customization appears to be spot-on, though. 1990-91 Mats Sundin rookie jersey. There is some cracking in the fleur-de-lis. Not much, but I was wondering if there's any way to fix that. 1998-99 Brett Hull, stripped backup jersey. Has some wear, unfortunately, but oh well. They are hard to find, and I have always wanted one of these.
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