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  1. hodkurtz

    It arrived today v. 8.0

    Haha, nice! Honestly, though, I can tell the OCD in me is getting worse. All I see now is the flaws in my adidas customization, really wanted the numbers to be precise with the materials and style. I’m thinking about contacting EPS to see if there’s any way they can redo the customization, or if arm and back numbers would cause too much damage during replacement due to the glue.
  2. hodkurtz

    It arrived today v. 8.0

    @TheKevinShowVery nice! I’m hindsight, I too wished I had gone with EPS for my Avs Adidas TI, I believe they are the only customizer that can actually get the arm numbers correct with the new border style and method. Not even sure what it’s called, to be honest, but where the outside burgundy border is actually higher than the inside white number, and almost looks like a coiled fabric of some type. Mine was just done with the traditional double layered stitch. Which player are you going to get? @KB67 That explains why I’ve seen them everywhere lately, just haven’t been able to track down who else might still have some. I’m really wanting to grab the white away version as a blank as well. Would you, by any chance, know any sellers that still have some from their Denver Athletic haul? @jsh139 Surely, you’re not referring to my Sakic customization, are you? 🤔
  3. Thanks for the heads up! However, I just got really lucky on eBay, and found a Blank Size 52 KOHO Burgundy Diagonal and got the seller down to $109.00! If you know anyone that might have a blank Blue Diagonal Reebok (either Edge 1.0 or Edge 2.0 version) in anything from Size 50-54, please let me know. Jersey Baron has a Team Issued Size 56 Blank for the Blue Diagonal (Edge 2.0), but it's posted for $199.99 (too high for where I want to go) and the size is just a bit too big.
  4. @tomtucker @mfitz804 You are both on the right track, but perhaps I should clarify my long-term goal. Every Avalanche jersey that I purchase going forward, as long as Sakic remains the GM of the Avalanche or a member of the team's management in general, will be a Sakic customization. That will mean that every jersey I own he either A) wore it as a player, or B ) was the GM when that jersey was being worn by the team that he was spearheading. The Stadium Series jersey acts as more of a hybrid of both situations, since he both played in the Alumni game that was part of that Stadium Series, as well as was the GM that both oversaw the team as well as coordinated with both Yzerman and the NHL on bringing the Stadium Series to Colorado. So, yes, this trend will continue until he departs the organization completely. @furiousd I think that's where I knew I had to draw a line in the sand for myself. I wanted to make the collection complete "within reason," but also only if the jerseys were ones I truly liked and would actually wear. Luckily, I happen to like every standard Home and Away version of the Avs jerseys, as well as the newer "Rockies" alternate and Stadium Series. Only possible way I would pick up the burgundy and blue diagonal "Colorado" alternates is if I found them on a ridiculously good deal on eBay.
  5. Regarding the ProPlayer, I didn’t really see a substantial difference in the material over the Starter Mesh (whereas the Edge 1.0 vs Edge 2.0 I felt like was a substantial change in material and feel for the front and arm panels). With regards to the Starter jerseys, the hem variation wasn’t enough for me to want to collect all variants. I went for the inaugural season Starters simply because they had the most unique qualities vs the other Starter Avs jerseys (tilted “A” crest logo, varying font thickness in the letters on the name plates). The changes to the hems was more minor to me, similar to when Reebok switched from the vector logo to the Reebok name logo on the Edge 2.0s. I will be going for the burgundy and blue diagonal “Colorado” alternates next, even though I’m not a huge fan of those, in all honesty. I’m also planning on hunting down an adidas ADIZERO Team Issued Away blank at some point as well, to match up with my home one.
  6. Agreed, both that one and the all-blue version of that one are still on my wish list. I was trying to indicate that the alternates are still a work in progress, and that the collection was completed on the basis of the standard jersey sets. Honestly, I've always been a bit lukewarm to the diagonal Colorado logo alternate jerseys. I always felt like they were rather uninspired ripoffs of the Rangers design, not in keeping with the holistically original designs that the Avalanche brought to the NHL, with the chevrons and the awesome "A" logo, which is definitely one of the best and most original NHL Team logos (in my opinion).
  7. Good afternoon fellow IceJerseys Forum Collectors! A short while ago, I posted on another thread that, over the past two years, I have been working diligently to create a semi-complete Avalanche Sakic Authentic On-Ice jersey collection, covering not quite every on-ice authentic era and style over the past 23 years of Avalanche hockey. As of today, I have officially almost completed my collection of quite a few mainstay style and era of the Avalanche, as well as the current Alternate and Stadium Series jerseys, all with Joe Sakic customizations! In total, the collection encompasses almost every era, including the Starter Mesh Era (1995-2000), CCM/KOHO Air Knit Era (2000-2007), Reebok Edge Era (2007-2017), and the adidas ADIZERO Era (2017-Current). For both my fellow Avalanche enthusiasts on the forum, as well as for my other fellow collectors, I wanted to share the collection with all of you! Special thanks to Locker Room Sports (Allen Park, MI), Keener Jerseys, Ice Jerseys, and Cool Hockey for all of their great customization work to make this collection possible! 1995-1996 Starter Mesh Stanley Cup (Away) - Size 52 (New With Tags) Customized by Keener Jerseys 1995-1996 Starter Mesh (Home) - Size 48 Name Plate by Locker Room Sports, Numbers and Captain C by Ice Jerseys 2000-2004 KOHO Maska Air Knit (Away) - Size 52 Customized by Locker Room Sports (Allen Park, MI) 2000-2001 CCM Maska Air Knit Stanley Cup (Home) - Size 52 (New With Tags) Customized by Locker Room Sports (Allen Park, MI) 2007 Reebok Edge 1.0 (Home) - Size 50 Customized by Locker Room Sports (Allen Park, MI) 2007 Reebok Edge 1.0 (Away) (Sakic Jersey Retirement Patch) - Size 50 Customized by Cool Hockey 2007-2015 Reebok Edge 2.0 (Home) - Size 50 Customized by Locker Room Sports (Allen Park, MI) 2007-2015 Team Issued Reebok Edge 2.0 (Away) - Size 54 Customized by Locker Room Sports (Allen Park, MI) 2015-2017 Reebok Edge 2.0 (Alternate) (Avalanche 20th Anniversary Patch) (NHL Centennial Patch) - Size 54 Customized by Locker Room Sports (Allen Park, MI) 2016 Stadium Series Reebok Edge 2.0 - Size 54 Customized by Locker Room Sports (Allen Park, MI) 2017 Team Issued adidas ADIZERO Made in Canada (Home) - Size 56 Customized by Locker Room Sports (Allen Park, MI)
  8. hodkurtz

    It arrived today v. 8.0

    Just got back the final few jerseys to complete my Authentic Joe Sakic Avalanche collection! Today, I got in the elusive Home and Away CCM Maska Air Knit authentics for the Avs, as well as a Starter Mesh Inaugural Season that needed a name plate replacement. With these, I now have the Home and Away version of every Avalanche Joe Sakic jersey, representing every mainstay style and era (not including all alternates). I'll be creating a separate thread with the complete collection (for the fellow Avs enthusiasts on the forum), but here are the three that came in today: 2001 CCM Maska Air Knit Stanley Cup (Home) - Size 52 Customized by Locker Room Sports (Allen Park, MI) 2000-2004 CCM Maska Air Knit (Away) - Size 52 Customized by Locker Room Sports (Allen Park, MI) 1995-1996 Starter Mesh (Home) - Size 48 Sent in for Name Plate replacement - Name Plate by Locker Room Sports, Number and Captain C by IceJerseys
  9. hodkurtz

    It arrived today v. 8.0

    Sorry, I have been MIA these past few weeks, and I just now got a glimpse of this! Super stoked that you got your Avs Adidas TI back from customization as well! They did a really great job, especially with the numbering on the arms and back! I’m trying to keep my eyes peeled for the away version now, hoping that whoever has the inside contact from the team will keep getting extras as the season goes on or after it ends. Saw one on eBay recently, but it was a size 58, and I really don’t want to go with anything above a 56. Side note, I have the home and away CCM Maska Air Knit On-Ice Avs jerseys coming back on Wednesday with Sakic customizations and a 2001 SC Patch on the white one. Will post as soon as they come in!
  10. hodkurtz

    It arrived today v. 8.0

    Just added my first non-Avalanche jersey to the collection (although technically, he was an Avalanche for one season). This is the Inaugural 1993 Season On-Ice version of the Mighty Ducks CCM Ultrafil (size 48), and includes the “A” that Kariya wore only during the first Ducks season. Was one of my favorite players outside the Avs team for his entire career.
  11. hodkurtz

    Avs Adidas Team Issued MiC vs Adidas Indo Retail Authentic

    I think the real question that I can’t find an answer to is whether or not adidas is going to opt to sell the MiC versions in retail this year, in the same way that Reebok did in the second year following the release of the Edge series, after they only sold the Indo-Authentics in retail the first year?
  12. hodkurtz

    It arrived today v. 8.0

    Tell me about it! Before I spotted it on eBay, I was about at the point where I wanted to just find the Avs Equipment Manager on LinkedIn and send him a message directly to see how I could buy a blank off them. Still in the market to find the white away, might still try that.
  13. hodkurtz

    The Want List

    If you’re still looking for a NJ Reebok Edge 1.0 in Red, HockeyJerseyOutlet has it in stock for $199.99 for a fully customized 1.0 for Parise (Sizes 46 - 56 available): https://www.hockeyjerseyoutlet.com/collections/new-jersey-devils-jerseys/products/parise-rbk-edge-1-0-7187-new-jersey-devils-home-red-jersey-46?variant=31872847633
  14. hodkurtz

    Avs Adidas Team Issued MiC vs Adidas Indo Retail Authentic

    Wow, you definitely got the best deal, hands down! I must have caught that seller on a second or third round of inventory; I paid $175 for my blank from them. Be sure to post your MacKinnon once it’s complete!
  15. hodkurtz

    It arrived today v. 8.0

    2017 Team Issued adidas ADIZERO Made in Canada with NHL Centennial Patch - Customized by Locker Room Sports