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  1. LeafsNation75

    What is the best way to pack my RBK Premier jersey?

    That is something I won't be able to do because there is going to be other things packed in the back.
  2. LeafsNation75

    What is the best way to pack my RBK Premier jersey?

    I'm actually driving from Toronto - Orlando along Interstate 75 once I enter the United States, so I won't be going on a plane. On the day I drive from Orlando - Tampa for the game I will wear my jersey in the car.
  3. This coming December it just so happens to be that when I'm on vacation in Orlando, Florida the Maple Leafs are playing the Lightning in Tampa, so obviously once the tickets went on sale I purchased them and it's only an hour drive between Orlando and Tampa Bay. Anyway here is my question. I'm planning on bringing my Auston Matthews Blue RBK Premier jersey and I'm wondering what's the best way to pack it so it doesn't get ruined? The last time I got to see the Leafs and Lightning in Tampa was in December 2007 and I remember the Leafs RBK Premier jersey I brought at the time kind of got messed up in the back towards the bottom, which I think was from the way I packed it. So if I pack it on top of all my other clothes would that help or should I try to pack inside a plastic shopping bag to keep it away from everything else?