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  1. This guy is still "selling" jerseys. https://www.vintagehockeyjerseys.net/ is his site. Wow, I somehow doubt he put up a $30,000 bond. If you search the phone number on that website, it comes back to George Kuhn. Out of curiosity I Googled this dude and found a bad review on the BBB website for this web site and George Kuhn. https://www.bbb.org/us/ny/tonawanda/profile/sports-memorabilia/niagara-frontier-sports-0041-235967282/details He apparently has scammed someone as recently as July from that review. https://www.facebook.com/Vintage-Hockey-Jerseysnet-220602642133/ Even has a Facebook page. You'd think he would have learned his lesson. BTW, he doesn't put his name anywhere on these pages.
  2. The Crunch did it because they didn't want to debut their uniforms in a preseason game. The Hamilton Canucks did it because the ownership group was falling apart and nearly folded in the middle of their second season before Vancouver stepped in to prop the team up. In fact they almost moved to Syracuse before the 1993-94 season, but Howard Dolgon's ownership group wasn't quite ready to take over the team.
  3. Wow, that is rare. That jersey was only worn one year. The Hamilton Canucks lasted two seasons before moving to Syracuse to become the Crunch. They only wore "Hamilton" Canucks jerseys their first season, and then wore the regular Vancouver Canucks jerseys the second season. And then during two preseason games, the Crunch wore Vancouver Canucks uniforms before debuting their regular uniforms on opening night.
  4. Thankfully with this one, it just had surface stains like it was splashed with a little bit of mud, didn't even bleed all the way through, so just a little stain remover and it was out.
  5. Thanks! I always love it when you get an eBay jersey and the person who sold/sent it decided not to properly wash it first. You'd think you'd want to present yourself in the best light possible! I think that's why you can sometimes find deals on eBay is because a little smudge here or there scares bidders away.
  6. Here is the back of it. $100 off eBay.
  7. You'd think the counterfeiters would at least get the number right... But then again, there's not much that's right on this piece of crap...
  8. I'd like to buy a vowel....
  9. I'm not a regular here by any means, I come and go and make the occasional post, but we all arrived here through different paths. TJF doesn't seem like he's a bad dude and I know the first jersey I bought was a Koho replica Rangers jersey for cheap during the lost season. So we all find ins to this. I don't know if I'm a collector, but I have a ton of Ranger jerseys, but I enjoy reading about the signs of how to spot what year a jersey came from by looking at the tagging or the style of the numbers or names on the jerseys. It's endlessly fascinating to me and if TJF is the same as not so much myself, but the rest of the gang here, then he'll be a valuable contributor.
  10. Yes, and before that even. The nameplate is matching 1.0 material.
  11. Yes, they were at that point. I sent a 1.0 to them and they did it to spec. Came out perfect.
  12. jsd1996475


    Ice Jerseys 20% now through midnight 12/15/2018
  13. I have Canadian 1.0 and 2.0 Edges, so I was looking to get a Rangers adizero, even if it is an Indo. I'd prefer a Canadian adizero, but they seem to be rare. I'm a size 56, assuming the sizes are comparable to the Edges.
  14. Thanks, I now live in South Carolina so I don't get to see the jerseys up close to get a feel of what to look for. Pictures help, but until I get my hands on one... Also, the pics on that auction were really dark, so that was a red flag in my mind.
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