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  1. Compared to other adidas gamers I have from other teams it seems to be the on-ice material, I’m not a material expert by any means It depends who you communicate with at CSL, usually Tom is pretty open and friendly, definitely not one word answers from him!
  2. Alright guys, I got this back from CSL today!! Very pleased with how it turned out, everything was covered up from the original strip! https://imgur.com/a/tJ2eEVQ
  3. It came out alright! I have no interest in altering the jersey further. It already has tightened wrist hems and I’m not financially ready to drop that kind of money on alterations when I wear a 46-50 myself haha. It’ll be a closet queen.
  4. CSL emailed back and said they use the on ice material
  5. I'll shoot CSL an email to see if they have the on-ice adidas material they use for the nameplate, to this point I haven't stripped the nameplate and will avoid doing so at all costs, time consuming, it has adhesive on the back (though, the plate did strip from the jersey really well) Overall the strip went well, I'm going to have Kane with the "A" added to the jersey so it should cover up just about everything that remains on the jersey. Bonus, Kane wears a 56 indoor! Proof of Kane with "A" - https://imgur.com/AAi4y6I The felt material is extremely fragile and CSL used just enough adhesive that it ripped quite a when stripping. Acetone helped a bit but some areas were just a burden and the numbers simply ripped near where they were stitched to the jersey. The patch residue came out really well with a bit of acetone and a scrub with a washcloth! (not pictured since I scrubbed it) Updated photos in the back end of this imgur album - https://imgur.com/a/3kpsImb I'll keep the album updated with progress
  6. I’ll strip everything responsibly, Fanatics patch will come off, too!
  7. Picked up a Game Issued Manning jersey from the 2019 Winter Classic! Obviously Manning was traded prior to the game so this is just a GI Plan on stripping it (the WC patch, as well) and making it a Toews "alternate" instead! Beauty of a jersey, glad to get my hands on one! Pics here - https://imgur.com/a/3kpsImb Hope you enjoy as much as I do! Thanks! Tony