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  1. So not quite as cool as some of the 2020 Winter Classic gamers that have been posted recently but, here is my IndoAuthentic 2020 Dallas Stars WC Jersey. I picked it up last week from Blake's.
  2. Disregard this previous statement. Apparently I completely misremembered that entire conversation with Blake. Dropped my jersey off today and he informed me that he did do the WC customization. He also added that he still has some of the felt material left but not a lot. So anybody that has a blank or stripped they want customized by him might want to drop it off sooner rather than later. He did say he is trying to get more of the felt material though, so hopefully he will be able to continue to do proper customizations down the road.
  3. What a beautiful jersey! And what a cool piece of Dallas Stars history to own. I'll be taking my "authentic" blank to Blake's this week but I don't believe he did the customization for these. I vaguely remember asking him at one of my visits to drop off a jersey and he said he wouldn't be doing the customization for the WC.
  4. This was originally a Hull that I stripped thanks to the help from this forum. Picked it up from Blake's last week after he turned it into a Modano with the 99 SCP.
  5. So I finished the process today and couldn't be happier with the results. Apologies if this post is redundant. I know there have been previous very detailed posts on strip jobs but just wanted to share my experience with the hope it might help someone else. Step1. I set up on an ironing board in my garage to apply the suggested solvents. Before starting I covered the area I was going to be working on in aluminum foil because the fabric on the ironing board I was using had color and I didn't want it to bleed onto the jersey. Step 2. I used goof off (pro strength aerosol can) as the first solvent to remove the black outline and it worked like a charm. Although, I did run into one hiccup. I guess I was a little liberal with applying the goof off and it spread into the top green line at the bottom of the jersey. The green coloring started bleeding and even got a significant amount onto the fight strap before I noticed. However, the green bleeding came out with a wet rag and some shout. After the bleeding stopped and I recovered from a mini-panic attack, I laid a line of thoroughly wet rags over the bottom of the jersey to act as a barricade. Didn't have any issues with bleeding after this. Step 3. After finishing with the goof off I soaked it in OxiClean for 6 hours and ran it through the washer with a bit of detergent. I was pleased with the result as it removed all the black discoloration but a faint yellowish outline still remained that was somewhat noticeable. Step 4. I used acetone as the second solvent after putting down a barrier of wet rags along the bottom of the jersey. I applied acetone to the jersey with a cotton ball and then would scrub either with the cotton ball or a tooth brush. It removed the yellowish discoloration and no issues with color bleeding this time but it did leave an acetone stain/ring. Step 5. Repeated step 3 except I only soaked it for 2 hours. The soak and wash removed acetone stain completely. Oh, I also forgot to mention. I knew I was going to have to wash it and as LAK74 noticed in the before picture, it still had its original retail tag. Thankfully, I was able to simply feed one plastic end through the hole of the fabric and removed the tag without damaging it. After it dried from the final wash I was able to put it back on undamaged. Here is the end result: I'll be taking it to Blake's next week to have it turned into a Modano with an original 99 SCP. Thanks again LAK74 and spudrock512 for the advice.
  6. Thanks so much LAK74 and spudrock512 for the advice. I just finished using the goof off and the jersey is soaking in OxiClean. I'll post some update pictures after a wash and an iron. Oh and mfitz805, you are appreciated as well. I'm a longtime lurker and knew you would appreciate that wording. Haha.
  7. Alright, you have given me some courage. That Kings jersey you did turned out great and the lines in the before picture look darker than what mine are now. I think I'll try the goof off first and then move on from there. If I do end up using acetone what is the amount of time that I have before I need to rinse with cold water? Are we talking seconds or minutes?
  8. I come seeking advice from some more experienced strippers. This is my second jersey to strip and the first one went easily. It was a Dallas Stars 95-99 CCM AirKnit away jersey. Because the parts I stripped were black the adhesive lines were removed easily with the steam iron technique. Afterward you could not tell numbers had ever been put on the jersey. I have tried the ironing technique with this jersey (Dallas Stars 95-99 CCM AirKnit home) without success. There is still a very noticeable black outline where the numbers were.My fear is that the discoloration is actually from some of the color bleeding into the fabric and therefore attempts to remove it are pointless. My question is: Do you think it would be better to just cut my loses and take it to Blake's to have it turned back into a Hull or would an attempt with acetone be worth a try? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  9. So technically didn't arrive today but I finally finished stripping it and de-staining it. This forum was such a great resource and helped a ton with the process. Will most likely drop it off at Blake's next week to get it Zubov-ized.
  10. Looking for a 1998-1999 Dallas Stars Alternate Authentic CCM, size 54 preferably but 52 would also work. Finding it quite difficult to get my hands on this jersey and any help would be much appreciated. Props to fellow Stars fan JJM4. I don't know how you got ahold of one.
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