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  1. Bumping, gonna do the same as @Gewargis and do 15% off for dealing with not-ebay https://www.ebay.com/sch/the_dejocker/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=
  2. @Hockey Bob - fwiw, JB still has them in a 54 and will do $260 off-ebay iirc.
  3. Torn between Yashin and Daigle on this guy: https://imgur.com/a/JoegqEZ And torn between Hossa and Kovalchuck on a Thrashers RBK 6100: https://i.imgur.com/sJdJSm5.jpg
  4. Ouch. Well, Lynette at EPS said my order that's currently in line is going to be at least another month (sent in June), I wonder if they could just add it to my order.
  5. That was my gut feeling. Just wish there was someone in the US that could do it without taking 4+ months. Maybe Bobcat?
  6. All sounds good, and it's what I used in the interactive legit-check guide: https://s3.amazonaws.com/legitcheck.thedejocker.net/ccmvintage-legit.png
  7. Still dipping my toes in older authentics. I just picked up this Ultrafil MDA 48 - This is a big block, right? So this would be what they wore from 1993-96. Who to get on it? I'm thinking Kariya, I think Selanne only wore this exact style for half a season. https://imgur.com/a/CcKEj88 Is AIS still the best place to get this done without waiting 4+ months (EPS)?
  8. @Dr_Puck I think she did have some - happy to PM you her info.
  9. So it's my first IJ FS post...and I feel like I should do better than I normally would because we're all actual collectors. Prices include shipping to the lower 48, $15 to Canada. Here goes: Canadiens Blue Centennial Gionta Edge 1.0 NWT - https://imgur.com/a/AXCJpJ5 - 52 - $500 Tervainen Hurricanes TI Edge 2.0 - https://imgur.com/a/n5a3Exq - 54 - $199 - Customized by EPS w/ NHL100
  10. I feel like as long as you don't totally ghost someone, it's not a big deal. Just tell me if you don't want to buy/sell it, and it's no big deal. I backed out of a sale a few months ago because I realized that I just really like the jersey too much to let it go.
  11. Sizing seemed to be about 3XL-4XL for players and some goalie stuff. I wear a 50/52 normally, and a 3XL fit like an Edge 2.0 54 by my estimate. I'm 6'2, 200, and well...selfie: https://i.imgur.com/G0aZjDQ.png The blank was a white 4XL, the Forshall is a blue goalie XL, so bigger than the normal player. It also had laces and an actual crest rather than a v-neck and sublimation, so maybe it was slightly older? Material is thick and smooth. I'm not sure how to describe it though, so I took a close-up: https://i.imgur.com/mB9EwMI.jpg I think they look like: - home: https://bit.ly/2xMX9ld - away: https://bit.ly/2GgOwEa I also had to look up "blood jersey" - it's a soccer term for a NNOB jersey given to a player when they damage their normal jersey. I can email her back (or just PM you her email) about the regulars and if she has any pics. She seemed like she really wanted these gone.
  12. I didn't see an "It's here!" thread for international stuff, so here goes: So I'm traveling for work, which brought me to Edinburgh. I looked to see - do they have a hockey team? Does hockey exist in Scotland? Well, it sure does. Except the local team folded because they were trash. However, their "legacy" jerseys were just downright gorgeous. I wasn't feeling spending £65 for a replica on a folded team's jersey, so I emailed the store - and they have a whole ledger of gamers available. Not many legacy ones, but the woman was really nice about everything and only asked £75 for a game-worn one. You bet I got it. She told me she has a garage full of jerseys and she just wants to get rid of them. I attached the spreadsheet of what's available in case anyone was interested - I'm here for another couple days and could broker if she doesn't want to ship. Update: She's happy to sell to US customers, shipping is £20, jerseys are £75. Players are mostly 3XL/4XL (seems around Edge 54-56 if I'd have to guess, no measuring tape here), goalies are XL, so 58G-ish. Anyway. Not really a "mail day" and more of "I met up with the person outside a pub" Jordan Steel jersey day. https://imgur.com/a/eXG0oSU Caps Shirts available.xlsx
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