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  1. Wow.. Didn’t realize that was against the rules. Certainly wasn’t my intent. Those threads were simply ones I felt compelled to post on. A lot of rules on these boards.. So what am I allowed to do now exactly? Because I would like to post a sales thread and offer the jerseys I am looking to clear out of my collection. And since this is a hockey jersey forum. Thought that this was my best bet. But yea, easier said than done apparently.
  2. Maybe someone could explain to me what I did to have the content of my posted edited/deleted without my consent. As far as I can tell I followed the terms and conditions/guidelines of a sales thread completely..
  3. Brilliant edit: Don't do that. You've been warned.
  4. Love the District 5 Ducks Goldberg jersey.. Also congrats on the Lightning storm jersey..
  5. "It will get worse before it gets better.." Dalton from Road House / Patrick Swayzee
  6. Exactly.. Our one common thread, haha..
  7. I love that original white Senators jersey.. Ultrafil CCM.. One of the first jerseys I ever bought..
  8. Attempting to look ahead, I bought her the ring a nice one at that.. Hoping not to hear again, "How many jerseys do you need?" And she's a hockey fan.. Mixed marriage though. I'm a Blackhawks fan and she's a Sabres fan..
  9. Getting a little more specific on what I am looking for currently given the parameters above.. Chicago Blackhawks (Barber Pole) Washington Capitals New York Islanders
  10. I remember purchasing most of my jerseys and having them customized from River City Sports back then.. Never had a problem.. Always professional. Too bad all they are selling are the Premier jerseys now.. It has been awhile since Ive dealt with them..
  11. I posted yesterday about my want for any Heritage "Sweaters" to add to my collection. I probably should have been more specific. So the acrylic material sweaters.. CCM Heritage, Roger Edwards, Stall & Dean or Mitchell & Ness. If anyone has any for sale, please let me know.. Thanks..
  12. I am new here and looking to add to my collection of NHL Heritage sweaters.. Either CCM, Roger Edwards Reebok, Mitchell & Ness or Stall & Dean. If anyone can point me in the right direction or interest me in anything they have for sale, I would appreciate it greatly.. I am looking for any sweater size Small or Medium, thanks.
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