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  1. To update, multiple Oxi soaks and Clorox treatments seemed to help a little, but I don't think anything short of concentrated bleach will work since it's literally the removal of color. Anyone have any other suggestions or have had experience with spot bleaching a white jersey? Based on positioning, an Ovechkin kit might cover up most of it except that spot on the left, so might just bite the bullet and deal with it.
  2. No, no, I only meant as a last resort. I'm making a trip to the store to pick up your suggested Clorox and that's gonna be my next step. I'm just being pessimistic. I've never seen a white jersey like this, where the entire thing is essentially grey. Giving it another Oxi soak right now as we speak, and then moving onto the Clorox. I have to catch the rest of the jersey up to the color of the bleached spots. I think most of the spots in the middle would be covered up by a nameplate and #8, but the spot on the left definitely wouldn't. Plus, a white nameplate would only highlight the problem in its current state. The Oxiclean has been fine, but I'm definitely going to have to be extra careful around the patches. Appreciate the tip (TWSS). The entire jersey is so dark compared to its original color, it's bizarre. My picture actually made it look better than it is somehow.
  3. I'm honestly even considering stripping the patches and crest, carefully bleaching the thing and then have the patches/crest sewn back on after. That'll obviously have to be a last resort, but hopefully it doesn't come to that.
  4. I appreciate that, Bob! I would assume no concerns with that Clorox cleaner with regards to patches/crest or other colors on the jersey?
  5. Hi folks. I gave this guy a White Revive Oxi bath today and it helped a little bit, but not sure how to deal with both the overall grayish look to this white jersey (big difference between patch and fabric) and also the bleach spots. Any suggestions assuming continued Oxi baths won't do it? Worth trying something like a Clorox Color Booster non-chlorine bleach? Thanks, I appreciate any help or advice.
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