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  1. I have a package from Canada that has been sitting in customs at JFK for a week. Not bad considering but frustrating since it is so close. Has been 2 weeks total since shipment.
  2. Yea. The 52 airknit all-star matches almost identically to my 50 small block ultrafil x-mas. The proplayer is by far my largest jersey with nothing really matching up. Ideally would love to find a 48
  3. A couple of recent pickups: Love me some Stevens. Stevens 2000 ProPlayer 52. I have been looking for a ProPlayer for a while and although it is a bit big, it is wearable. 1999 Stevens All-Star Jersey 52. Amazing the difference between the two different 52s. Saw it and figured why not?
  4. Crash Line

    eBay version 4.0

    I was watching wondering if I was missing something... Would not be shocked to see it re-listed cause of non-payment. Winner has a 0 rating
  5. I will never own a Kovy jersey but I cant disagree with your last statement. Nice pickup
  6. Thats disappointing. The patch wasn't really substantial to begin with. Definitely wont be National Emblem's now. Thanks. If anyone has a gamer to measure, I would appreciate the measurements. Thanks
  7. Anyone have an authentic Devils 25th anniversary patch? I am not happy with the way National Emblem's looks and the one on ebay is ehhh. Thanks
  8. Im sure that just makes it team issued
  9. I have seen that one re-listed a few times. That crest and CCM is brutal but the nameplate is the cherry on top.
  10. Congrats on getting this one back. Im fairly new to the site and not sure if there is a backstory but is there any particular reason you collect Zalapski's jerseys?
  11. Personally, I don't like putting one game used patches on jerseys unless it is for a special circumstance. In this case, however, since it was Ovechkin's first period of the first game, I don't see an issue. Keep in mind, he didnt score his first goal with the patch. If it was mine, I would probably keep it blank. Definitely would not put the A on it.
  12. It's a shame that Adidas and the NHL cant figure out a way to put out true authentics like they do for the MLS.
  13. Jets, Giants, and Red Bulls are all pro NJ teams
  14. Man, I am having a tough time find a Pro Players. Nice getting 2.
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