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  1. jerseysKing

    Jersey Prices

    Right now jersey prices are way too high, for both authentic as well as replica. If you decide to go the extra mile and get the pro stiching of numbers and letters you are looking at over $300 CAD. Just look at the IJ site's prices for the OLD Ducks replica jerseys $85 CAD . Why would I pay almost the full price for a discontinued jersey? If you shop around you will be able to find decent deals either on eBay or other stores. I found the old Ducks replica jerseys on sale for $50 CAD at a local jersey store. It would be interesting to see what IJ think of this topic?
  2. East: Senators (alternate) Bruins (home) Penguins (home) Flyers (home) Lightning (home) Capitals (home) West: Kings (home) Sharks (alternate) Ducks (home) Flames (alternate) Blackhawks (alternate) The Lightning and Bruins home jerseys have always been black- but Tampa needs a new scheme altogether. I can see most of the alternate jerseys be dropped. With the new rules of only two jerseys per team starting next season, it might give more incentive for teams to look at their current jerseys and come up with a new scheme.
  3. Yup, looks like Carbo got him fired up
  4. A couple of nights ago I was watching TSN and they showed the new style jersey that CryWolf was explaining to us, it looked different that's for sure. They also mentioned that starting next season all the teams will have just two jerseys - home and away. There will be no more third / alternate jerseys for the teams next year! Can you confirm this CryWolf?
  5. Being from the Montreal area I've known about IJ for the past couple of years. Always checking their site for the latest jerseys to come out.
  6. Everyone on this board are well knowledged in the game of hockey and have a passion for jerseys. It's great to be a part of this board
  7. ###### DesertRat, that's one hellava collection, guess I have been dethroned by the new jersey king
  8. Look for the Habs to make another move in the near future. The Habs will have at least 3 or 4 un-restricted free agent defencemen after this season (Rivet, Markov, I think Souray, but not certain) so look for one/two of these defencemen to be moved, along with either Huet or Abby, depending on who wins the job outright - then they will call up Danis to backup and slowly be integrated as their goalie of the future, along with one of their wingers for first line center. I have heard that they might try to get LeCavalier from the Lightning, who have almost half their payroll spent on LeCavalier, Richards & St.Louis. In today's NHL, you need more cap room and if half is already used, doesn't leave too much room for twenty other players - at least not quality / proven players anyway. Another option might be in exchange for Gagner from Philly. They are looking to change things up there and it would help solve their golatending issues with a Huet or Aebischer. I was lucky enough when I posted the thread of which coach will be fired this year, so who knows I might go 2 for 2
  9. I think the move of Samsonov to the fourth line is two fold. 1. Carbo is trying to send him a message and there's no better way than having him be on the fourth line tonight in his return to his ol' stommping grounds in Boston. We'll see how he responds to this, hopefully it works. 2. Carbo is also looking at how Guillaume Latendresse handles the extended ice time and opportunity without putting the whole focus on him. The big buzz here in Montreal that everyone is talking about is how upset Samsonov is. If Latendresse doesn't do much tonight (he hasn't made much of a splash on his limited ice time from the fourth line) then I wouldn't be surprised if he'll be put back on the fourth line or even sent down.
  10. Yeah, the Wild's Home Green jersey was just too much of the one primary color. Not much emphasis on secondary colors. Just like you I liked their road white jersey better and bought that one.
  11. - Habs Vintage '46 Jersey - Quebec Nordiques Vintage '92 Sakic Jersey (Blue) - L.A. Kings Vintage '93 Gretzky Jersey (Black)
  12. I've got 49 NHL Jerseys, mostly all replica. Also have 7 NFL jerseys, 6 CFL and 4 MLB.
  13. Definitely prefet the old rules of the White jerseys being worn at home games. I heard on a local sports talk show that the league might be thinking of switching back to the white jerseys at home. It would be a popular decison with the fans I'm sure
  14. It's too bad they let Clarke resign, I would have publically fired him for all these years of not addressing the goaltending problems in Philly. Oh well, maybe we'll have to start a new topic of who will be the second coach fired this season
  15. Thanks man I'll take your advice and lose the left side cup!
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