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  1. Just got these back from being customized! I just realized now that there wasn't enough space on top of the yellow and white stripe across the top of the back of the Minnesota jersey to fit the name, so they had to put it underneath instead. Bummer.
  2. Anyone have any idea where to find a Kovalchuk Spartak Moscow jersey? All the sites I know of seems to be out.
  3. Hey I didn't mean to come off as ripping you or anything, just figured I'd let you know since you said you didn't really know much about junior hockey in the US. It's your jersey, if you like it anyway then enjoy!
  4. Junior B isn't really anything special, it's more of a youth travel league that costs parents thousands of dollars for their kid to play in than anything like Canadian major junior. If I had it I would just have it stripped so it becomes an NHL Blue Jackets jersey again, but hey it's your jersey and you probably have a few Blue Jackets jerseys anyway.
  5. devilsfan26

    New Winnepeg jersey?

    What were you hoping for? I think they look really nice.
  6. Is this for a limited time only? I have one I would like to use for this but it is in the process of being customized now, not sure when I'll be getting it back.
  7. I once asked about a North Stars jersey. I asked them if they could customize them correctly if I showed them that the drop shadow on the numbers should be going the other way, and they said no. Fair enough, so I asked how much it would cost to purchase a blank one, and they said the same price as if it were fully-customized ($170). When I asked why it would be that much without the customization, their response was "Buzz off."
  8. I'm not a big fan of having two jerseys of the same team with the same player on them, so I'd pick another player for one of them.
  9. I had that problem with my Lightning alternate. I talked to someone at Exclusive Pro about it when I sent it to get customized and he said they could just sew it on. Looks great and has kind of an authentic jersey feel to it now.
  10. I'm looking for... (1) a red and green ultrafil Devils jersey (2) an original early 90s green North Stars jersey (not the remake) (3) a red Kovalchuk Spartak Moscow jersey
  11. Hey I have a Travis Zajac UND jersey too so I'm neutral!
  12. Vanek would be nice, they wore Mission jerseys that year though. After doing some research on the 2002 Frozen Four I think Potulny is an easy choice, but thanks for the input guys! Now I just need to find good pictures of the name, numbers, and alternate captain's A, and pick up the patch. EDIT: Upon further review, they only wore the white jersey in the Frozen Four, so no patch for this one.
  13. Anyone have any suggestions for this Minnesota jersey I got from JeffB? I'm fairly confident it is from 2002. I was planning on making this a Paul Martin jersey if he re-signed with the Devils but since he didn't, does anyone have a recommendation for a key player from that championship team?
  14. I was referring to the logo itself. I don't think the "Tampa Bay" is really part of the logo. By cartoonish logo I mean something like the Panthers, Coyotes, Sharks, etc. where there is a tad too much detail for it to be a symbol and is more of a drawing, if you know what I'm getting at. This is just a solid color lightning bolt going through a circle, I see it more as a symbol than a cartoonish drawing.
  15. I think those jerseys are great! I think the simple design of the jersey looks nice and the logo looks awesome in my opinion. I love that the logo is just a nice clean symbol, not a circle with text in it, not a cartoonish-drawing, not a big letter, and it doesn't have the team name or location spelled out in it...it's a symbol. Seems like everyone is pre-programmed to reject any new uniform.
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