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  1. Just came in today! 1984-85 mesh jersey with woven stripe inserts. This is a Grail off my list. There was a nameplate attached once upon a time, it went through the neck tag. There doesn't appear to have been a number 18 on the team that season. It fits big for a 48, so I could wear this too, bonus!
  2. A good day today, came home to this in the mailbox. Super silky smooth ultrafil, I've never felt anything like it. It could just be due to age, but it is also very light. Three layer crest that has the trademark wrinkles of the early 80's flames jerseys. A few holes here and there and some piling on the insides of the sleeves around the elbows. No evidence that there was ever a nameplate added to the jersey, but the numbers are just as old as the crest.
  3. Oh man, a tenth anny patch!!! Real nice!
  4. jukierules

    eBay version 4.0

    I snagged it. Pretty sure it's a 1980-81. I'll wait to see if there is evidence of a former nameplate. There was a 19 that season, he only played in 3 games. Bobby Gould. Not holding my breath about a gamer, but rare and old nonetheless.
  5. jukierules

    eBay version 4.0

  6. jukierules


    Posted pics in the recent pick ups. I'm sure this was never game used.
  7. I bought this on a whim because it looked interesting to me, now I have a research project to discover its origins. There is so much about this that matches some of the Rockies jerseys I've seen, but so much that doesn't. Obviously the crest is different, but the mesh, knit stripes, Rawlings tag all match gamers of the era. It's all heavily silk screened and pretty shiny. I'm pretty convinced this isn't any sort of one-off gamer, there is no wear or pilling and the marks all seem to be stains not associated with gamers and there is no evidence this ever had a nameplate attached. The mesh is very heavy duty. The sizing is closer to a 48-50 instead of a traditional 52 and the sleeves are shorter than more recent jerseys. So far I've been able to find very little about it, but that's what makes this hobby so much fun sometimes!
  8. jukierules


    I'll post some detailed pics when it comes in. It was interesting looking enough for me to pick it up.
  9. jukierules


  10. Loving those Mac jerseys!!! Nicely done!
  11. Been sitting on a few. Got some work to do on a couple of these.
  12. Thanks fellas, I'll give that a shot!
  13. If you ever find one of these, grab it! Airknit with the classic cut. The 09-10 version is the best IMHO.
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