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  1. the only reason i had said "besides eBay" was because i always check there! i have nothing against eBay- lol. i've seen the Warrener one there, but i really just want the Brodeur one because of the captain's C.
  2. God Evils

    Next on your list...

    right now i've got a couple more Devils ones i want to get... i'm looking for ones that have the 75th anniversary patch, the special Stanley Cup patch, one with the new 25th annviersary logo, and i think the only way to get one with last year's JM patch is to get one game used, so i always have an eagle eye out for those. i'm going to get a Lamoriello jersey done next! authentic, in red. and i'm thinking number 13, since no Devil will ever wear that number...
  3. hey man, thanks for looking! this is going to be one of those things that's an ongoing search for me... i bet one turns up eventually!!
  4. I would love to get my hands on one of the Primus Worldstars jerseys. Particularly a Brodeur one, because he wore the captain's C and you'll NEVER see a goalie with a C! Has anyone seen one anywhere (besides eBay?)
  5. i like the home team wearing white; then we get to see an array of cool threads worn by the visitors.
  6. lol yeah- i can't wait to see it myself! hardwood floors, painted to look like the ice... hooks with jerseys neatly hanging, penants as the boarders.... there are so many ideas!
  7. i have 28 Devils jerseys, a mixture of authentics, replicas, practice, practice used, all-star game... 2 Oilers 1 Thrashers 1 Kings (the sweet Black one from the Gretzky era) 1 Montreal Maroons 1 Albany River Rats 1 Boston College (Guerin) 3 European eventually i will have a jersey from every team... once my fiance and i build our own house, one of the guest bedrooms will be the "hockey room". the jerseys will be hung up locker room style, and there will be all our memorabilia in there. that's still a few years away, but i keep planning!
  8. lol- i'm the only person in the world who likes the Preds 3rd jersey! lol i hated it at first, but it grew on me. not sure why, not sure how. Atlanta's baby blue is a mess. why on earth would they dress grown men playing a rough sport like hockey in baby blue?? i have to disagree with Hunter 32; the old Whalers jersey was great! i love how the logo represented their team name, but also got the "H" in there for Hartford. Sort of like how the Devils have the "N", "J", and the "Devil" all combined. Even if i wasn't a Devils fan, i would truly love their logo. and less we forget the Ducks first shot at a 3rd jersey:
  9. i love the Montreal Maroons not only because the logo looks great, but because it's an actual sweater. when my Mom saw mine, she said SHE wanted one. and she's not a hockey fan!
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