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  1. How can you forget the dynamic duo of Sergei amd Andrei Kostisyn?
  2. IJ can do any jersey from any league with the exact fonts used by the team. As for an Oiler player/number... My choice would probably be: Stoll, Penner, Gagner, Staios, Greene , Moreau,Horcoff
  3. Wise move. Get the kid some games and help him with is confidence. He will dominate the A. Having Halak up here ( hopefully playing a few games) will only add value to him as potential trade bait come the deadline. Villa
  4. From Calder winner to..... I hope he finds his game for his own sake. Its clear he has talent but maybe not the desire. Villa
  5. Need to add a HABS CHELIOS jersey to that collection! Villa
  6. and to add to the misery..... .Smyth out 6 weeks
  7. This is an unfortunate injury for such a great player..... The Avs certainly will miss him...With no secondary scoring ( let alone primairy) his loss will dramatically effect the team. They need better goaltending form both Theo and Budaj....maybe Raycroft, Cujo or the Eagle are the answer.....
  8. my top 10 Russian Jersey Picks: 20 Khabibulin or ( old school!) Tretiak 17 Kovalchuk 71 Malkin 8 Ovechkin 10 Bure ( not only old school but a tribute to the national team GM..sure h'd still be in the show if his knees werent shot) 91 Federov 27 Kovalev 61 Afingenov 79 Markov 30 Bryzgalov
  9. I cant speak for CryWolf but if RBK is making that jersey for retail IJ will more than likely carry it. Both clubs were wearing "Vintage" style jerseys which are currently available ( just not with the NHL Shield) villa
  10. i am not certain what the Font name is called but IJ only uses team specific fonts for their jerseys. If you have the customization done by IJ they will ensure that the font is accurate. Villa
  11. He's playing very well for a rookie. Consider this: In the last year he has played in 4 different systems: Tri City ( Jr) Team Canada ( jrs) Hamilton Bulldogs ( AHL) Habs (NHL) He has had to adapt to 4 different teams, players, coaches and systems.....difficult for any goalie, let alone a rookie. I really believe he is going to be a superstar in the show sooner than we all think. His numbers dont tell the whole story, the team hasnt been playing well in front of him either. Villa
  12. If you send the jersey to the CustomShop @ Icejerseys they can remove the 3s and have them re-applied properly.
  13. Jerseys created by IceJerseys.com for the Hockey For The Homeless Tourney Nov.2007/Montreal
  14. another great story on the :incident: Bertuzzi-Moore and the Code
  15. Rumors that Perry may be moved to Montreal..... For our sake i hope thats true I am happy that Scotty has decided to come back. He has always been one of my favorite d-men in the league. He plays a clean, puck moving, sound defensive game. He and Lidstrom are arguably the 2 best d-men in the league...though i do have a soft spot for guys like BigNasty, Dion, Regher and Komisarek( leading the league in hits!!!)....
  16. I think any GM or player is foolish to sign a 10yr deal. There are a handful of players i would consider signing that type of deal with ( Lecavalier, Crosby,etc..) but i wouldnt put Richards in that category. I admire the loyalty on both sides BUT i dont think any athlete that plays high impact sports should be signed past 5yrs. There is just way too much possibility for injury. Where does the players motivation go if he knows that hes guaranteed a fixed amount for the next 10 yrs?
  17. Welcome to the board! That is a Classic Jersey you have there.....
  18. Thats a great article..... Ive never liked Crawford as a coach....any coach who benches the GREAT ONE during a shootout in the Olympics definitely has issues in my mind. This is also the same coach that signed Cloutier to a ludicrous 3 yr one way contract.
  19. I am not about to stick up for Chris Simon BUT he obviously has some issues that go beyond hockey. I know he has overcome great obstacles to get to the show and has carved out a 13 yr career. I think the Islanders made a classy move by suspending him w/pay and helping him get counselling.
  20. Great trade for both clubs. Definitely a cap move on the Ducks side. Rumors rumbling all over Montreal involving Perry.... Should be fun to watch.
  21. They will pick it up in the second half. Bertuzzi has begun to get comfortable and is an upgrade on the wing... Their top 4 defenseman will be: Scotty, Big Nasty Beauchemin and Schneider Thats a pretty tough group to play against. Vllla
  22. OK, this topic has been re-hashed over a thousand times but ill state my position once again. What Bert did was wrong BUT as we are all aware as avid NHL fans ,if you injure a star player there will be retribution. THE CODE has existed for as long as the NHL. I dont believe that any coach would overtly tell a player to injure another but if he marked him i wouldnt be surprised.... Had Moore just dropped the gloves with Bert early in the game he would have just ended up with a bruised ego and perhaps a few less teeth and a black eye.... I dont think that it was just Berts punch that caused Moores injury.I believe we all forget that the ensuing pile up may have added enough weight to contribute.... Remember Mccarthy on Lemieux after the incident with Draper? Next game gloves were dropped at the beginning of the game and then they all moved on..... If anyone touched Gretzky , Semenko would have taken the opposing player out.... If you touch Sid the Kd..here comes Big George... Colton Orr will hunt you down if you touch Shanny, Jagr, Gomez or Drury.... Its the Code....we may not agree with it but its part of the game..... At least Bert can play hockey and isnt as one dimensional as the other "goons" I feel bad for Steve Moore but i feel worse for Todd as hes had his name trashed by every media outlet in the world. Moore should have kept this out of the courts. He was a fringe fourth line player who was unlikely to stick with the big club.... His insurance will certainly cover him for years to come... I know it may appear harsh and many will disagree but this is just an opinion. Villa
  23. if ypu ctct cs@icejerseys.com they should be able to find your order with the email address you made the purchase with. villa
  24. Brian Burke once again proves that he is a classy GM and a man of his word. As he was unable to find a trade for Bryz he put him on waivers and his old buddy Dan Maloney snatched him up. Bryz has always shown that he is capable of playing in the show. It will be interesting to see if he can continue to develop and become the #1 goalie everyone believes he is. Im happy for the Coyotes and Gretz..they deserve to have a quality keeper..though i believe they should bring back a vet ( Cujo?) to help Bryz along......
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