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  1. i too am looking for one of these. if anyone can help that would be sweet. (don't really care on size since these have been difficult to find) For those of you who didnt catch the game, they look like this...
  2. Yeah I am laughing at the price and the fact this dude is just going to let this jersey sit in his closet. Has no plans to frame it or anything. Personally, if I am spending two months of my mortgage on a jersey it's going directly into a frame as soon as I unfold it. I don't follow the prices of game worn jerseys and their worth to certain players...I just can't even fathom spending that much on a REGULAR season game worn jersey for Modano. . . I'd hate to see his value for a game worn playoff jersey.... My laughing is in no way a knock at Modano so please don't think that. . . I just honestly for my life cannot believe his game worn jersey is $3,600....
  3. Ok, so this isn't MINE. I really need to share it with you guys anyway though because I literally cannot stop laughing at it. I know someone who just spent $3,600 (no that is not a typeo) on THIS jersey... ugh...
  4. I scored tickets in my favorite section so I'm excited about the game. I'll be sitting in 311. It breaks my heart to see Wolski in a Rags uniform but it'll be fun to watch him play tonight.
  5. OOF. I had no idea those teams had ads on their practice jerseys. Learn something new everyday.
  6. Nah, you misinterpreted what I said. LEAVE THE JERSEYS ALONE. That's all I'm trying to say.
  7. This. The boards are whatever...it being on jerseys is just distracting as hell and I wouldn't like it at all. I rather the glass be plastered with more ads (*sigh*) than a jersey.
  8. Some people wouldn't like it? I guarantee if you're a true fan of the NHL you wouldn't like it AT ALL. I agree...keep that garbage in Europe.
  9. He declined my offer which was waaaaayyyyy less than what it's listed hahaha . I say yes.
  10. I saw this and started yelling at my computer screen. I think there's another up on ebay for like, $400 with Palffy stitched ON the wave.......... One day...I will own a real one though
  11. Goaltending in the 80's and the fact he played on a all-star line in Edmonton pretty much....
  12. Forsberg is a great hockey player, I will never discredit that. I just saw him take really obnoxious dives and it just irritated me. Don't think I could ever really hate a Swede. They're my 2nd favorite type of hockey player. Hardest working dudes ever.
  13. I should probably clarify what set is which in my signature anyway.
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