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  1. Their catalogs have the gear. I rarely look at them and didn't know that the apparel had a separate catalog.
  2. Check MSH, the catalogs always show up there. They've got the 2013 Reebok available.
  3. I can come up with a few nobody else has mentioned, just off the top of my head: (in no particular order) Black Oak Arkansas Steve Goodman Bonnie Koloc Kris Kristofferson Richie Havens Bloodrock Great Big Sea Heartsfield Chicago Charlie Daniels Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Roger McGuinn The Band The Carpenters Alvin Lee Jackson Browne Loggins and Messina
  4. I'd go with "pretend", rather than "actually" the continuation of the original team. Same city, different organization.
  5. wrangler

    eBay version 3.0

    Just fixed it a minute ago.
  6. Interesting. Reality be damned, I guess. That just seems strange to me.
  7. Just out of curiosity, I looked at the websites for the Baltimore Ravens and the Cleveland Browns. The Ravens don't list players or records from when they were the Cleveland Browns. The current Cleveland Browns show those players, and history, even though the current organization did not exist then. I'm wondering what happened to the trophies from those years.
  8. I picked up my first jersey around 1967, to play in. Our neighborhood team all had Blackhawks home (red) jerseys, so I got one. I went to a local sporting goods store that made them up. Back then, you could go to a store, pick out an uncrested blank jersey, and choose whatever you wanted to be sewed onto it. They had boxes of the indian heads, the shoulder patches, and numbers on hand. So I got the whole package, except for the name, and left it for them to sew, for a total of about $20. I recall the patches being good, and the jersey OK, though I would be surprised if it were pro quality. All in all, we were pretty happy with our jerseys.
  9. If you've seen how selective a U.S. Attorney's office can be, you've got some idea of how very many cases all the agencies can bring to them. They can set threshold criteria for an agency's cases, and cherry-pick from there. It should be an embarrassment to lose any case that's strong enough to make it through the selection process. And while they make take criticism for going after high-profile people and businesses, to get headlines, it's a way to get the word out, and hopefully deter more people because of it. You sound as though you've been around long enough to be almost as old as I am.
  10. So sometimes you had no class? I went to the Blackhawks/Blues game last night, and that's probably it for this season. I'm about at my average, since in a full season, I usually go to two games. The playoffs? We'll see.
  11. Typically, one doesn't waste effort and resources to pursue execution of a judgment when he doesn't believe that there are sufficient assets available. There's a time frame within which one must file suit to obtain that judgment, so it's often good to get that while you can. Once you get it, it will generally be good for a number (varies by state) of years, and the law may provide for extensions. If, during this period, the debtor manages to become worth the trouble, a judgment creditor may then pursue execution. My main point was that it's not a failure of the legal process when a judgment creditor determnines that a debtor doesn't have enough that pursuing collection is worthwhile; I see you understand this. This case has the additional consideration that the AG's office has to decide where to allocate its limited resources for the most public benefit. Individual creditors, as they informed you, are apparently able to proceed further on their own. Unfortunately, even if Kuhn had assets, individual creditors would seem to find the cost, in time and money, prohibitive in this case.
  12. It sounds like the AG got its judgment, rather than the lawsuit "failed"; that is a successful lawsuit. I don't practice in NY, but generally, after a judgment, one will proceed to "execution", which involves additional steps to collect the amount of the judgment. It is this process where one obtains the right to take money from a debtor's wages, bank accounts, or to take other assets to satisfy the judgment.
  13. It depends on the player. I've heard of players who change skates often, and players may try out different models or different spec skates at different times. Also, it's my understanding that players keep more than one pair on hand.
  14. If there's one lesson recent years have taught us, it's don't invade anything you're not prepared to run, or even keep.
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