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    Kevin Bieksa, Mattias Ohlund, Trevor Linden, Saku Koivu, Vinny Lecavalier
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  1. otherwise


    Questions for those of you who use ebay lots... I found a jersey that I want and there 1 bid on it, the starting price is 1.99, it looks like it's in pretty decent condition. I want to get it but I'm not sure what my strategy should be...last time I saw a jersey similar to this one it went for over 80$. there are 6 days to go. Also I have never used ebay to buy anything before so basically any tips would be appreciated.
  2. Hansen would be a good choice because he's the 1st ever dane to play in the playoffs. Also he has been playing quite a bit on the Canucks this year and has the same #.
  3. ok I'll change up my players more often.
  4. Moose's helmet looks great! I hope he has a great season. here's roberto's helmet
  5. I haven't abandoned! I've been waiting for something to happen to decide what picks to change. also I've been really busy with school. I don't really know why my user name is *. but I'll see if I can change it to make it less confusing. Sorry for not checking more often I normally just watch the highlights on sportsnet or the score to see how the players on my team are doing. ps. I'm a she NOT he. i'm The Disaster.
  6. I post on CDC, not as much as I used to though, there's too many folk who think they know it all ect...
  7. balej wore the vintage jersey the game he played. there was a better pic somewhere but I can't find it right now.
  8. Well another sad end to the canucks' season. Here's to next year and better endings. As for the Sharks or Wings after tonight it's looking like the Wings could take it on Monday.
  9. Canucks vs. Ducks. It's going to be a rough series and it will be tough for the Canucks to win. but GO CANUCKS!
  10. YES Canucks won again and this time not in OT! flames won much to m dissapointment.
  11. I would've too. they would also no logner be my cable provider. That game was AMAZING. I am so happy the Canucks won. I watched history in the making - 6th longest game.
  12. flames wild avs pretty much any team from the west that is not Vancouver leafs ^because I don't like the teams.... buffalo (except for the blue and yellow one....) any of the stupid baby blue/light pink jerseys. ^because they are ugly. Also i think that Ducks 3rd jersey from the 90's is cool...but thats probably because I remember watching that show on tv. Though it would be a bit embarrassing for a grown man to wear such a thing. lol.
  13. otherwise

    Your teams jerseys

    Canucks Jerseys well some may laugh at the various styles that have been worn by them but I have to say that I like the flying v in all of it's mustard glory. I like the stick and rink logo too. My favorite though would have to be the jerseys worn in the 88-89 season, well the whole uni really the pants, the socks, the jersy (of course.) here are a few pics for those who may not know what I am talking about. I like how there is the "v" on both the shoulder and the pants. Also I like the Golden colour more than the black. I really want a Golden skate logo jersey. That being said I don't really like the orca. I don't hate it but I don't love it either. As for changes I'd like to see the canucks go back to the stick and rink logo all the time I like the blue,green, white colour combo and also the logo.
  14. [/font] oh yes the brabarian hasn't struck in a while, but when he does everyone goes crazy. I do love to watch the Canucks. I can't really think of teams that I don't like to watch, though I normally only watch Canadian teams (HNIC). The only other teams I'll watch if they aren't playing against the Canucks is the Red Wings and the Pens. mostly because of the ex-canucks on those teams. I will say though that I like to watch the leafs and the flames lose.
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