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  1. Ohh...Thank you!! Hope at least one of them is within my price range. I just don't understand Meigray sometimes. I'm glad they decided to auction these, but what the heck did they do with the WWC jerseys? I contacted USA Hockey after the last two WWC tournaments and was told both times that Meigray auctions all US jerseys. Meigray denies having the jerseys. Unless USA Hockey flat out lied to me, what does Meigray do with the jerseys it gets and how do they decide which ones to auction? You would think they would auction everything since the goal of business is to sell your merchandise. Seems like some WJC jerseys from several years ago surfaced on Meigrat recently, so maybe there is hope for the WWC jerseys in the future. The US women won gold last year in Ottawa. Looks like Meigray would want to capitalize on that. I can't imagine that the value of most women's jerseys will go up as time passes like it might for future NHL players.
  2. Do you know if your contact has another women's jersey? Kind of figured there were none out there. Thanks for posting the pics. Glad to know they got their own jerseys with the 1998 medal.
  3. I know everybody likes the whites, but is the blue Finland jersey available anywhere?
  4. That's interesting about the Canadian jerseys combining their medals. I guess it saves on production costs without leaving anybody out. The best I can tell the US jerseys are not combined. The only ones I've seen have two medals and 1960 and 1980 after them. No 1998 medal for the women. Don't know if the ones I've seen are authentics or replicas though.
  5. For all you experts out there, the US and Canadian men are wearing jerseys that have a medal or maple leaf to represent each Olympic gold. Does this mean there will be a separate women's jersey for these countries, or will they be stuck with the men's jersey? If there is a separate jersey, I would assume the only way to get one is to find a team issued?
  6. Where did you go to meet him? I asked all over Nashville about visiting team practice. At one point I was even willing to lurk outside the hotel if I could have found someone who was willing/able to provide info.
  7. Keep calling every few days. They are incredibly slow. I finally got help contacting them from a member who is well connected with their admin. They said they never got my calls.
  8. I'm going to be in Nashville for a couple of games in January and would like to see practice if possible. I found the schedule for the Predators practice. My question is do the visiting teams have an open practice? I'm going to be there for the games against the Sharks and Ducks. The Sharks have two former Thoroughblades and I would love to see Selanne.
  9. Thanks for the link. I'm glad to see Kennedy's finally has them even if they are replicas. I guess it's the closest I'll ever get to a UK jersey. I know you don't have any connection to the team anymore, but do you think Kennedy's will ever get the blue jerseys? Or is it white or nothing if I want one?
  10. Win or lose, always expect class from the Yankees.
  11. Erika Holst game worn Segeltorps jersey with great wear. One of my grail jerseys. When I placed my bid the high bid was around $115 US. My high bid was $350. Still don't know why I didn't place a higher bid as I would have paid a lot more for it if I had to. I was considering increasing my bid when I got an email from the woman in charge of the auction asking if I was sure I wanted to bid that much as the usual bid increase amount was $25. I explained to her how much the jersey meant to me and I was sure of the bid amount. For some reason I couldn't bring myself to tell her I actually wanted to increase my bid. Thanks to the time difference between Florida and Sweden and mandatory overtime I wasn't home when the auction ended and was out bid at the last minute. Of all the auctions I've lost over the years, this is the only one that still bothers me.
  12. Brandon, awesome job on the web site. Just a wealth of info on Predators jerseys. Really appreciate all your hard work researching the info and your willingness to share it with everyone. You're a true asset to the jersey collecting community. Oh, and not a bad collection of jerseys either!
  13. sec

    New Arrivals v6.0

    I think so too. Email or PM me to let me know what you want for it.
  14. sec

    New Arrivals v6.0

    Jersey has more wear than shows up in the pics. Signature says Smitty.
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