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  1. Once a Sioux, always a Sioux. Buy moar cawlidge hawkey jerseys. In other words...no issues here.
  2. Yeah, definitely more than 10 people. Chicago is a big place with a lot of big-wigs and collectors aren't excluded to Chicago-only, they encompass the globe.
  3. I love those old sweaters like that. Nothing can replace them. I'd say the value is pretty good at that $7000-10,000 mark, but who knows, Blackhawks gamer collectors can be tad out there. Not to thread jack, but since most of you probably don't visit the college forum here, I thought I'd link my new pickup here that you guys may enjoy peeking at if you like old sweaters: http://forums.icejerseys.com/index.php?showtopic=4652&p=156943
  4. The new crown jewel in my collection...a 1958-59 (and likely '59-60) game-worn Sioux jersey. This jersey was worn in UND's first national championship victory over Michigan State and assisted on UND's 2nd goal of the game by Bernie Haley in the second period.
  5. Big A HG

    Ever lose a jersey?

    To finish the story... I forgot I let REA borrow the jersey for their display until they found a permanent replacement. I have five other jerseys currently in the display as well until the rest show up. They've been in there since summer time and I didn't think I let them borrow that one. The idea I did this was one of the first things I hypothesized, but at no point could I think of a reason I let them borrow it. That was, until I remembered a video tour of the new renovations that have taken place in 2014 to the arena, which includes the addition of the historic jersey hall that I had a lead role in helping create. I thought I'd look at it to see if it, in fact, was there. And sure enough, there it was. Here's a picture of part of the hall (there are numerous duplicates because the jersey portion hasn't been completed yet). I also linked the vid. The jersey in question is the fourth one (from nearest to farthest) on the left. http://www.grandforksherald.com/content/video-renovated-und-hockey-team-area-includes-new-locker-room-and-more
  6. Big A HG

    Ever lose a jersey?

    I think I found it....
  7. Big A HG

    Ever lose a jersey?

    She knows better. This might sound mean, but she's gotten in trouble with me for moving my jerseys a few feet.
  8. Big A HG

    Ever lose a jersey?

    Seriously. Freaking. Out. Lost an authentic 2005-06 Sioux Ryan Duncan jersey...white...Nike. Was my first authentic Sioux jersey (originally a Derrick LaPoint). Gone. Missing. Lost. Stolen? Alzheimers? Tore apart my house. Wife told me I have too many jerseys. Maybe she's right, for once.
  9. Notre Dame Gold: Sioux Green: North Dakota Green:
  10. It's an ok little town. If you like hockey, Sioux hockey is as fun as anything I've ever been to as far as pro or collegiate sports, so it helps the winters pass. Speaking of winter, it sucks. A lot. I grew up in Wisconsin, so I thought I had winters down pat pretty good. Grand Forks is a whole 'nother level of winter. The downtown scene is ok, if that's your thing. Plenty of bars. All-in-all it's just an average blue collar town with not a ton of things to do, but it grows on you. UND makes Grand Forks, so it's got a nice college atmosphere to it. North Dakota is a great state to live. It's not like other parts of the country. Economically it's self-sufficient, tons of jobs, great place to raise a family. You just have to let the place grow on you.
  11. Is it my collection now? Nope, I wish. Will it be my collection? Hopefully! In reality, that guy has put so much money into his collection I can't even fathom. The crazy part is, he's going to turn a profit on just about everything. You will see some ridiculous prices in that auction...beyond most NHL pieces.
  12. This is the best ad on a hockey jersey right now has to be this...the double sports logo.
  13. Some sure do come special... Anyways, the rules to selling player merchandise apply only to current athletes. Union and whomever is involved is just stupid and doesn't know the rules...or they know the rules and just don't want you to have the jerseys for whatever dumb reasons they've conjured up.
  14. This is just my opinion and I'm not bashing anyone who differs (and be warned, I am going to come across as harsh). But, I just fail to see the point of an autograph in any way, shape, or form. To me, autographs are just about the dumbest things one could collect of an athlete or celebrity...ESPECIALLY if you weren't even the one who acquired it. If I happen to run into someone at least reasonably famous, at most I ask for a picture (depending on the situation). Some of the time I'll politely say hi, the rest of the time I just leave them alone. Sorry for my crazy side of the argument.
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