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    It arrived today v. 8.0

    Keeping with the ultrafil theme on this page, 84/85 Terry Ruskowski
  2. mharolde

    It arrived today v. 8.0

    20 games of use and no repairs? I know repairs aren't the be all end all of game use, but wow!
  3. mharolde

    The Current Situation of the Secondary Market

    Meigray's prices are still too high on Kings jerseys. Jerseys they sell for 1500 have a hard time getting half that on the secondary market. No modern jersey should be more than 1000 in my opinion. The Kings prices on their jerseys are ridiculous. However, it does not make me wish for Meigray's prices. I would much prefer the pricing to go back to the pre stanley cup winning prices. That is wishful thinking though . I do long for Meigray's customer service and transparency. That is second to none.
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    The Patch Thread 2.0

    That's quite the load. Yes, I am still 12.
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    Jersey Collector's Glossary

    Premature Patchulation
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    Bobcat athletic

    Thanks for the info.
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    Bobcat athletic

    I sent a jersey to Bobcat via USPS priority mail. The tracking shows the package as "delivered to neighbor as requested". Has anyone else ever gotten this message and was there a problem with the delivery? I never requested that the package be left with a neighbor as Bobcat is a business and I figured someone is there to receive the mail.
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    Sold Please Delete

    please delete
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    Sold Please Delete

    please delete
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    The Want List

    Looking for Los Angeles Kings 14/15 Stadium Series jersey size 56 or 58. Lettering by Bobcat if not blank. Please PM me if you have anything. Thank you.
  11. mharolde

    It arrived today v. 8.0

    Just when I had sold off the last of my retail authentic jerseys I go ahead and buy another. This one you don't see everyday though and I couldn't pass it up. Los Angeles Kings 1996 - 1997 30th anniversary jersey. Big thanks to Andrew for the heads up, Mike for allowing me to waffle and Chris for the deal.
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    The Patch Thread 2.0

    I apologize if this is old news but I ran into this today, hadn't seen it before.
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    Sold Please delete

    Please delete
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    Sold Please delete

    Please Delete
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    The feedback thread

    Couldn't of been easier. Thanks Mike and enjoy the jersey.
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    Vintage jerseys from the 50s/60s and earlier out there?

    I have a couple of Kings jerseys from the 70's. Not hockey, but I have a Dodgers jersey from the 40's.
  17. mharolde

    Replica or IndoEdge... would you?

    You can purchase an authentic retail hockey jersey just the same as the teams do. Then you can have that jersey lettered by the same customizer who lettered the teams jerseys. The only difference between your new jersey and a game issued jersey is your jersey was never in the possession of the team. This is the goal of most of the collectors here. You have an authentic jersey not a replica. If you want to get technical, wouldn't a backup jersey that a player wears because blood got on his "original" jersey be a replica? Wouldn't every jersey made after the "master" jersey was designed be a replica? I know I am being a bit of a jerk here, but using the dictionary to define hobby classifications is a bad idea.
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    Storing Your Collection

    This is primarily for members who have had their collections for years. I feel like this may be a stupid thread, but I have had issues with long term storage so I am wondering how you do it. I am asking because a while back I went to wear a shirt, not a hockey jersey, I hadn't worn in years that had been hanging in my closet. There was a layer of dust on the shoulders that faded the material and the hanger left dimples on the shoulders. Obviously I don't want this to happen to my jerseys, especially my gamers which won't be getting worn. Currently I am using wide shoulder hangers and dust covers for the shoulders. All of you with large collections you have had for years, how do you store your jerseys? If you have had them hanging, any issues with the jerseys stretching over the years (shoulder dimples)? Thanks...like I said, this may be a dumb thread, but some of you have tens to hundreds of jerseys and I am curious as to how you handle storage.
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    It arrived today v.

    I meant on the game worn jerseys.
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    It arrived today v.

    Ribbon fight straps were used on the mesh versions in the first part of the season. When they switched to knit they went with the reinforced button style fight strap.
  21. mharolde

    It arrived today v.

    82 - 83 Mike Murphy. Knit version only worn in second half of the season. The Kings would switch to CCM branded jerseys the following season.
  22. mharolde

    SLC Customization Error Assistance