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  1. Manitoba Moose Question

    Mark, If you're still on the hunt for an "A" after all these years I have an extra if you're interested. Which Moose jersey are you looking for specifically?
  2. New arrivals v5.0

    Not really, the 2.0 are made of Air-Knit and stretch mesh instead of X-trafil and stretch mesh. The 2.0 will fit more like a traditional jersey. I also noticed you are also looking for a size 50 2.0. The smallest I've ever seen the Canucks issue was a 54 and starting this season they've been selling team stock to the general public with the smallest size being a 52.
  3. Need Help on Manitoba Moose Jersey

    Bump. Anyone know for sure who did the customizing for the Moose when they were around?
  4. Jonathan Toews game worn Olympic jersey

    A Toews Team Canada vs Norway jersey recently sold for just over $4,000 on I don't see this particular jersey selling too far off from $4, 000.
  5. The Want List

    Thanks. I was looking for something more towards Team Issued or Game Worn though. Also I'm always looking for any Sergei Shirokov items you may have! Some of the Shirokov jerseys I am looking for specifically are: 2009-2010 Vancouver Canucks Game Issued Third #25 2009-2010 Vancouver Canucks Game Worn Home #25 2009-2010 Vancouver Canucks Training Camp worn Practice jerseys #65 2009 Preseason - Manitoba Moose #38 2009-2011 Manitoba Moose - Any of their "special" one game jerseys #52 2010-2011 Manitoba Moose Home Set 1, Away Set 2 #52 Any Russia/CSKA Moscow Gamers #52/#71/#81 AHL All Star Jerseys #52
  6. The Want List

    WTB: Goalie Cut jersey. Let me know what you have. I prefer NHL or AHL but I'm pretty open to anything as long as the price is right. I'm planning to wear one to play in.
  7. The EDGE 2.0 thread

    Makes sense for the Jets to sell 2.0 instead of retail. It's cheaper to bring in and there's no minimum quantities to order.
  8. Ebay 2.0 How do you guys feel about an auction like this? The seller is advertising this jersey as "team issued". The jersey itself is a team stock Edge 2.0 but it is customized (most likely not at the same place the players' jerseys are done at.) I understand there is a difference between "team issued" and "game issued." The real kicker is this quote "This model of jersey is not available to the public to purchase and if there are any around, they're most likely size 58's. Its an ultra rare jersey for the collector who pays attention to detail." He is selling a 56 but Kesler wears a 58... didn't pay attention to that detail.
  9. Need Help on Manitoba Moose Jersey

    Are you planning to add a 15 year patch as well? The 2010-2011 jerseys with the 15 year patch will also have the 75th Anniversary AHL patch on the back hem instead of the usual "AHL" patch. These are my jerseys. Top - 2009-2010 Retail Edge 1.0 done to team specs Middle - 2010-2011 Set 2 Home Bottom - 2010-2011 Set 1 Away I've got Air Knit on both my gamer and the retail authentic. I got it done through Dave Blackmore at the Moose Store and he assured me everything was done according to how the team does it. Not 100% sure what this material is. Can anyone chime in? Here's how the front patches should look on the 2010-2011 jerseys. If you need more measurements let me know. Does anyone know what type of name bar was used on the black away jersey they wore in 2009-2010?
  10. Need Help on Manitoba Moose Jersey

    I will take some photos of my jerseys later. I have the Set 1 Away and the Set 2 Home from the 2010-2011 (15th Anniversary) season. I also have a 2009-2010 retail authentic that I had done to the exact spec the players wear on the ice. Which Moose jersey are you looking to get done? On my whites they have Air-Knit name bars. Not 100% sure what the material is on the green, it looks similar to the Edge on my retail authentic. I just measured my Toyota Patch and it's about 4" x 3 3/8". The one you posted isn't close enough. The ones the Moose wore don't have a red outline around the whole patch. Those Dangle kits are close... but still off.
  11. Did Mario Lemieux ever wear Reebok?

    These two?
  12. Opinion on russian jerseys on ebay?

    Anyone ever deal with Eugene from I bought 3 CSKA Moscow gamers from him and he promised to issue me COAs as well. The jerseys arrived with no COAs. I have tried contacting him twice in the last 10 days and he is not replying me anymore.
  13. CCM Vintage Collection

    Replicas only. A few shops in my area have said they will be carrying them. But hey, at least they're still made in Canada...
  14. CCM Vintage Collection

    The red skate jersey will be retro'd this year. It's a shame because the main point of that jersey was the exclusivity factor and very few people bought them at the time they were worn; similar to all the other third jerseys of that era.
  15. Team Shop Prices

    Canucks: Premier: $139.99 (with name $219.99) Authentic: Edge 1.0, 2.0 and Goalie Cuts (No Indo-Edge bulls***) $329.99 (with name $419.99) Cresting: $80 for heat pressed (couple of days) or stitched (2-4 weeks), $120 for any "vintage" jerseys It's stupid because if you were to buy a blank authentic + cresting it costs $10 less than buying one already done up off the shelf.
  16. Anti Indo-Edge Facebook Movement

    Good news! The Canucks will not be carrying the Indo-Edge jerseys but instead are selling 2.0, including goalie cuts.
  17. Tips on searching for jerseys

    Some players are all over the place when it comes to sizing. For my Shirokov gamers he wore 54 for his Moose jerseys (Reebok), 52 for any of the SP Moose jerseys and 56 with the Canucks. It's weird too because I've seen blank Canucks 2.0 for sale starting from size 56... however after looking at a Tambellini gamer it looks like they do exist in 54 as well; it's just extremely rare.
  18. Manitoba Moose Question

    On other news, anyone know where I can pick up a recent (last 2 years) Manitoba Moose retail jersey other than eBay?
  19. Manitoba Moose Question

    I heard these guys did the cresting:
  20. It arrived today v3.0

    Nice Tamby. Make sure you double-check the information on the certificate with the barcode inside the jersey. A couple of them did not match.
  21. It is good or not?

    Shenanigans and I both own team issued Edge 2.0 40ths and these were never made available to the general public. You may be getting confused with the retail replicas which they did sell.
  22. It is good or not?

    Nope... 40th was a one year deal. The 40th Authentics with patch would've been $359.99 and the Canucks assumed nobody was going to spend that much on a jersey, hence, they never brought them in.
  23. Reebook Edge Jersey Foul

    What about players who only wore 1.0? Ex. Trevor Linden
  24. It arrived today v3.0

    Nameplates on the 2010 Team Canada Jerseys should be further up.
  25. Question for you eBay sellers

    Actually with eBay's new policies it doesn't matter what you start the price at, it's free regardless if you start at $0.99 or $999.99.